Fell asleep Flying last night

I fell asleep on my descent last night, is there any way I can appeal my violations? I got dropped down to Grade 2 and can’t even fly advanced.

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How do you fall asleep 😂


Your stats will return to normal in 3 days after the violation is received.

Sorry, violations can’t get appealed. You’ll just have to wait three days. :)

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I know the feeling, all I can say is go to Casual, keep flying. You will probably be back to Grade 3 by tomorrow.

Man this sucks!!

LOL. Being demoted to grade 2 for a few days on IF is much better than what would happen if you fell asleep while flying IRL!


You only got three violations? You should be able to fly now.

Solution, don’t fly while drowsy.😁😆😷

@Alan_Perez I’m pretty sure that you will not fell asleep when flying to SDQ :)

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Well my friend, I had just gotten over being busted down to Grade 3 and was back at grade 4 doing fine building up my XP and landings. Did not set speed after take off got distracted and now I’ve been busted down to Grade 2. Just letting you know you are not alone, Keep flying!!

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