Feitidede’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KPSC

Welcome to my tracking tread

I’ll be open at KPSC in the training server for as much time as I can

For departures use runways 17, 21R or 21L

Pattern work 21R or 21L

Arrivals 21R or 21L

Runway 21L only open for GA traffic


Still looking for pilots if anybody wants to get tagged if I open again

u can tag me not the best pilot but also in training

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You can tag me next time, great to see the Idaho oregon Washington region getting some love

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@Benny07 @Boiseaviation

im open again! training server, ofc

How long will you be open for?

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2 hours maybeee

Coming down from KNUW to do some touch and goes, pretending that I’m a US Navy P-8 (they go to pasco and do touch and goes frequently)

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Hi there, here were some mistakes I (C-FPPS) noticed while flying patterns:

-The transition altitude given of 2,500 was a bit low. Airport Elevation+2,500 rounded up to the nearest multiple of 500. 3,000 would have been an appropriate transition altitude.

-OO-LXV could have been cleared for takeoff while I was on final, as I was still on a 5 mile final. Remember to trust your spacing, and if needed in that situation, a “slowest practical speed” command could have been issued if you felt you needed more separation.

-Sequencing does not need to be issued every pattern unless the sequencing changes.

-Some form of landing clearance needs to be issued EVERY time an aircraft circuits through the pattern, whether it be an option or landing clearance. This was responsible for each time I announced a G/A.

-The conflict between me and Eagle 27 could have been de conflicted in many ways earlier. At one point we were 1NM away from each other.

-Aircraft that are taking off and have announced that they are remaining in the pattern do not need pattern entries. A takeoff clearance where you’ve issued a traffic direction is their pattern entry. Same goes for the 360.

If you haven’t already, take a peek at the ATC Manual to better familiarize yourself with commands and rules. I’d still recommend you take a refresher even if you have.

Thank you for controlling! Keep practicing and you’ll get the hand of it! Have a good one.


Hi Feitidede, thanks for the service at KPSP, here’s a little feedback.

Your sequencing was good but the only thing what was missing were your clearances. That’s why eagle 27 and I were constantly giving our positions on final and were going around. Pilots need clearances to land or do T&g’s.

Good ground awareness! 👍



ty guys for pointing out the clearance for every circuit thing, i was really in doubt about that, wasn’t sure if i was supposed to clear them for the option every time or not. i cleared eagle 29 in his second circuit too but then i though: “hmmm maybe i was not supposed to do that” and didnt do it anymore

i realized many of my mistakes after they happened and i hope to improve

appreciate all you guy’s time and thank you for the feedback

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Thanks for being tower! And yeah, you just have to clear us each time around, hope to fly with you being tower again soon!

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ill try to control again tomorrow before i take the actual written test

maybe that’ll be my redemption day, or at least ill be one step closer to doing it right, cya guys

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If you want to do good on written test I would do the written practice test helps more. Atc tracking thread help more with practical exams

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already took that one, yeah maybe ill take the written test soon later this week(aka tomorrow)

As requested