Feet from disaster at LAX

Close call at KLAX, after some heavy traffic and great vectoring by Socal Approach, I came up on final to some confusion on the ground, which had my friend go around after a last minute departure clearance. Thankfully though I had a clear path to 25L, and was set to land, until I noticed a Northwest 747 taxiing right before the runway. He made an attempt to stop but ended up right in the middle of the approach path. By then it was too late, and I had to hope for the best. Mere feet came between us, but resulted in a buttery landing to the setting sun.

Server: Training
Aircraft: A321-200
Airline: JetBlue
Time: 02:47 Zulu


Welcome to the TSLAX(Training Server@LAX)


That isn’t even a taxi way


Exactly my point why It’s annoying being ATC on the training server sometimes when people act like this come on now these people better understand that the expert server is where the pros go! 😃


Yeh I definitely did not see everyone going to 24/25 with 1 guy landing at 07L at LAX in expert a few hours ago


True that man!

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it is just a set for Natural Geographic X Marvel series: What if you had seconds to avert disaster


The amount of times when I’m on that server and atc are wrong or other pilots are round near me I wish there was a button to type a message to them

YES! (min 10 characters)

‘You can always go around.’

By the way, that 747 was taxiing on the grass 😂

Hey, I mean we were all like this at one point when we were new at the game, turning on all your lights at the gate, always using the A380 and obviously always flying at LAX.

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People are like very new to ATC whe they unlock training server
They sometimes tend to screw up and cannot manage traffic properly
Some are better than others but for me so far I’ve seen ATC that can manage traffic properly without any issues on training server.

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Me too sometimes tho!

Quite accurate if I do say so myself. I despise KLAX on TS

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Nothing screams LAX more than “Close call” 😂