Feels like I'm getting worse at Infinite Flight

I always lose speed plus I can’t never turn without stalling help ?

What are your weight settings? What plane are you having trouble with?

This happens with all planes and I always use normal weght because if I use light my nose pitches up too much

Does this happen on live solo or both

Solo only I don’t have live

Are your weather settings set to default?

No I change them sometimes

Do you change it to a rough gusting weather?Does the stall happen on default weather conditions?

Don’t change the winds and I change the tempature
The stall happens all the time

Yes…high temperature does affect performance…what temp do you set it to?

20 degrees

Well that isn’t that high…its quite normal for equatorial region…or sometimes even slightly higher

So what tempature should it be at ?

By any chance do you have screenshots of when the stall happen…your speed matters too…bank angle…bank too much you end up losing speed…what angle do you bank with?

That’s fine no need to change that!Does the stall happen when you bank using the AP!You must be having really sharp turns that cause speed to rapidly decrease leading to your stalls

Stall speeds vary with different factors and also vary in different aircrafts and their flap setting too

@SpiritA319 check here: https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/vspeeds-stall-speeds-and-maneuvering-speeds-for-if-aircraft/63659/17

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What speed do you fly at? do you have your trim on high by accident? do you have flaps extended?

1-No I don’t have any screenshots sorry 😞
2- I felt like it
3- I put aircraft on there normal flaps like
757 I use 15 flaps

You should cruise at about 320 knots, never use flaps on cruise, also, when landing 150 knots is the recommended descent speed