Feels good to be back

Hello everyone !
I just bought a one year pro sub again and it feels so good to be back in IF.
Due to the Coronavirus I have 5 weeks no school now and you can imagine what I‘ll do :)
3 months without a pro sub felt like 10 years ✈️

Flight details

• Airport: SBGR
• Aircraft: F-16C
• Flight time: 1h 09mins

Spawning at SBGR !

Take off

Some beautiful islands

Patrolling over the sea

Over SBGR at 50,000ft
(love this cam … reminds me of a spy cam)

Coming straight in


Back in parking position again !

All in all this trip was quite fun !
I would appreciate a like and a comment and maybe we‘ll see us in the skies the next time :)

Thanks for visiting this topic !


Nice photos. Why a F16C at FNF busy airport. (Not 😡 at you all good. 😉)

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Haha yeah but there are military aprons, too :) ☝️


Hahah.That probably not for frighters. Most likely for moving cargo.

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same! i have no school up until 24 of april, so i’ll probably give flying a lot, great pictures by the way

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I was spotting you for a bit in flight. You respawned as I was on a 1 mile final 09R 😂🤦‍♂️


Haha lool 😂

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I like the one above Sao Paolo, with the airport in sight! Reminds me of @Altaria55’s “from 100,000 ft” pics. Really nice perspective, and great shots!


Thank you :)

Knox is still running, so I’ll still have school but in Spain they shutdown my old school for 2 weeks!! 😳

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Awesome shots!

I feel you, as I’m usually only allowed to purchase Pro on Summer/Winter breaks only :(

Same for me, school is closed until April 6 for me. But, my teachers still give us assignments via online classes so it’s not different at all for me haha

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Yes, me too ! Our teachers also send us stuff but it‘s way more better to do them at home than in school :)

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Great shots! I am also only allowed to only get the sub like 3 times a year so I’m so excited to joining everyone in the skies soon in May! My school is also closed, Covid sucks.

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