Feeling really sad about my downgraded

Hi there. I have downgraded to grade 2 since 10/2020. My first violation is in 7/2020. I have to wait 7 months to expire my all violations so that I can have the IFATC written test. I am still in training server and feeling VERY boring. I can play pro until 4/2021. Between April to July, should I buy the pro subscription at June because I want to save money. Give me some idea

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It’s your choice whether you have access to 2 lovely servers, all the aircraft, the world, and be allowed to not social distance from others on Casual. I’d still go for it as you still will have all this access you currently have, and will be able to control freely on the Training Server!

It’s sad to hear about your violations and I’m sure you’ve been directed to the guide too many times already, but they only come as a learning experience both to you and to keep the Expert Server to live to its name.


Rather than putting yourself down, perhaps use this opportunity to learn from your mistakes? It’s totally understandable, we’ve all made mistakes, but a proactive learner always learns from their mistakes. I suggest using this time to perfect your skills and learn new things and continue to engage with the community, so that when you get back to the Expert Server, you are prepared and able to stay there for the future. I’m sure you know where you can find the user guide and community tutorials, so I’d recommend taking a look at everything in there, as well as receiving assistance if you need it. Just because you’re on training doesn’t mean that you have to be sad about it. Besides, it’s a mobile flight simulator, the possibilities are endless.


I am really scare with the Expert server.

You don’t have to be scared, as long as you go in confident and vigilant. It also helps if you’ve studied up on how to act and communicate on the Expert Server, which obviously didn’t happen considering you received multiple ATC reports. Like everything else on planet Earth, things take time and effort, and one of those is learning. Use this time (you have plenty of it) to learn proper communication skills and Expert Server behavior before returning back.

There’s really no reason to be scared unless you haven’t adequately prepared, which seems to be the case here.

The Training server is used to train you for expert.
Kinda like boot camp, practice harsh, you make your way up

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I don’t understand why you would be so scared if you actually looked back at the violations and learned from your mistakes. That’s the only reason you are banned.

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Your best bet is to have a look at the user guide, and begin flying in less congested airspace on expert first to ease your way into it. It’s worth a try to learn your stuff, and fly into a quiet airport without radar( just ground, tower and ATIS) for your first few attempts. When it’s quiet a couple of little mistakes aren’t really the end of the world, and the controller will be happy to correct you and even explain how it works if you get in the contact on the IFC. Once your confidence builds you can get into more congested situations. Before you know it, you’ll by flying into busy hubs with no worries at all ! Trust me I was a bit scared for the first time, but it all works out fine ! Good luck !


Did you contact the controller after being reported to learn from it?


You know…you always got me to fly with if you get lonely on training. You can also build yourself back up and talk to the IFATC member who reported/violated you.

Hey @Fung_Sum-sum ur pro sub will renew it self I did not have to pay mine again today!! so ur all good

Yes. I have. But my violations are sooo stupid…

And also u have me to fly with too

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