Feeling alone

I want to ask you guys do you all have subscriptions or you play only solo like me ??


Just solo… I’ll be getting Live after my first school term because I cannot concentrate on studying when I have IF because I’d be playing all day lol!


I only fly online, never in solo mode.


As do i, balancing school and gaming in general is pretty easy 👍🙂

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I have a subscription for a month because I need to focus in school game is very addictive 😊

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Usually solo but lately i started to fly in an online mode and jumped to grade 3

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Just solo / no subscription.
I might be back paying again when clouds show up. (All options price)

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Even though, I have school during the week, I still keep my IF subscription. Even though I was Grade 4 and now Grade 3, I could not play IF in solo. I only use solo to practice landings and approaches.


I fly solo only also. Since I have an IPad mini that can’t even run live on the lowest graphics without lagging and also school, it is just a waste of my money.

I mainly fly on Expert but use solo to practice and have fun with the planes😜


Expert but I usually don’t play very much during school evenings

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