Feel the Magic @KORD

Whether or not you think these photos are magical is up to you. I got my motivation from my new favorite song (Feel the Magic by Kobi Peretz)

Anyway, welcome to a new spotting topic! Today, the pictures are a mix of pictures from today, as well as past days. Well, we might as well get started!

First up on the list is N860NW blasting off to Frankfurt

Next up on the list is N77022, which came in from Paris

After that, it’s N114SY, which popped in from St. Louis

Next, coming from the Pacific Northwest, it’s N3768, which came in from Seattle

Golden hour! This United 737-900 came in from Cancun

Next up, a more simple image. This Emirates 777-300 came from its hub, Dubai

Next, a picture from today, this A319 is departing for Washington Dulles

This special livery on one of Alaska’s 737-900s commemorates Boeing’s 100th year of plane building (I think). It came in from San Francisco

Next up is N2749U, Which I have no clue where it went. While I was there, it was holding short of 28C for about an hour

Next up is the plane I missed when it was inbound, but I managed to get a mediocre picture of it on its way out. It’s the KLM orange pride 777-300ER!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Feel free to leave a comment below about where I can improve!

Have a great rest of your day!


It’s the best one actually

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Mediocre in terms of quality of the picture. This is the original, which isn’t much better

Ah yes. I do feel the magic upon me at the last picture.

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Great photos!

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Some very nice pictures! I especially liked the light conditions on the United A319 and the E175. Great picture quality as well! Thanks for sharing!

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WOWOWOWO i really love these shots!!!

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Where do you spot 😂

like what spot

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