{Feel Free to Join!} AllegiantAir’s “Round the World” Trip: Part One @ NZDN - 260100ZJAN18

Server: Expert

Region: New Zealand

Airport: NZDN

Time: 0100Z

Aircraft: Airbus A320 (ANZ Livery)

Welcome to @AllegiantAir’s grand trip around the world! Fly with me, AllegiantAir, as we head all across the world. Our first stop will be in Christchurch, New Zealand, which is known for their English Heritage! Flight information can be provided below!

Flight Plan

Our Flight Plan will consist of us going along the east coast of New Zealand. Not a very big FPL as the flight is shorter.

Gate Information

If you have been to Dunedin Int’l airport, you will know that there are only 6 parking spots. If more than 6 people show up, someone will simply just have to move.

Ramp 01: @AllegiantAir
Ramp 02: @WardellStephenCurry
Ramp 03: @KiwisFlying
Ramp 04: @
Ramp 05: @
GA: @

Speed & Altitude Information

Cruising Speed: 290 KTS
Cruising Altitude: 18,000 Ft
V/S: 2300 ft on departure and -1200 ft on approach

Want to join? All you have to do is ask below!

Fun Fact: If you fly the world with me every step of the way, you will most likely end up hitting grade 4 or 5, depending what your XP is.

Are you ready?! Cause I know I am! Join me today on my quest around the world!

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I’ll join at ramp 02

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Roger, you got it…

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Roger Ramp 03 is yours

About 36 hours till the event!

Event has been moved back to 260100Z. If this affects your schedule please PM me!

I’d love to join!
(Also Dunedin has the worlds steepest street, just some trivia)


Didn’t know that lol, I will put you down now!

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The event is tonight everyone! Hope to see you all there!

How is it tonight its the 25 today.

Is there a group chat for this?

Wait sorry I can’t come anymore

Roger I will take you down

About an Hour Till Spawn! Still spots left!

Now Spawning in! Feel free to join and Copy my FPL if you want!

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