Feedback Request: Third Party Addon to add extra systems to IF

Hi All,

I had an idea for an addon for IF the other day and wanted to know what y’all think of it before I go ahead and start development. Basically, it’s a iOS App/Android App/Windows Application (sorry Mac users) that adds a range of systems to IF. One example would be a simulated APU. For the APU, you won’t be able to start pushback until the APU is started as there is no power to communicate with the ground engineer to verify that all is well. Of course, all features could be turned off before you start pushback so you don’t have to worry about them. To gage interest in this, please leave your opinions below and fill out this form so I can get some idea of the demand.

Thanks For Your Time,
- Kai


Just filled out the form. I think that this could be something really amazing if it’s done right. :)


Thanks for all your responses so far guys, keep 'em coming!


Hi Everyone,

After looking at the responses, I have decided to go ahead with this. Here’s the game plan so far;



Note: None of this is confirmed

Rough Date Milestone
August-September 2019 PC Release
December 2019-January 2020 Android Release
March-April 2020 iOS Release
Late 2020 Mac Release

Planned Features (so far)


  • APU
  • Hydralics
  • Ground Power
  • Anti-Ice
  • GPWS
  • TCAS
  • Master Warning/Caution Lights
  • Emergencies (TS and CS only)
  • Auto-Thrust
  • Electrical System
  • ATC Datalink
  • Glideslope Capture
  • Autoland
  • Air Conditioning
  • Doors
  • Slow Refuelling
  • VNAV
  • First Officer
  • Squawk Codes
  • Slow Passenger Boarding
  • Semi-Auto Rejected Takeoff
  • Cabin
  • Cockpit/Cabin Comms.
  • Illogical Command Protection
  • Semi-Auto Go Around
  • Flight Computers
  • Wind Compensation
  • Flight ‘Laws’
  • Satcom for Virtual Airlines
  • In-Flight Note-taking


  • Electronic Flight Bag
  • Checklists
  • On-Board Information Terminal
  • Takeoff Performance Application
  • Charts
  • Moving Map
  • Parking Assist.
  • Ground Navigation System

If you have any feedback, be sure to let me know as a reply


I think everything is incredible, whatever it is to add to if it seems incredible, if it were not for you that you make these applications the game, it would not be the same, thanks and wanting to try that beta a greeting

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Oh great truly amazing. Will this work like the GSX for FSX and Prepar3d.? Will it have features of all ground services like Better pushback,other ground services cars.

For the APK to be made if you need any help I will surely support you. If you want a tester I am there or need any other help like designing etc. I am there just send me an Email in and will move up to you.

Best Wishes

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I’m having some issues getting the connect API to work. If anyone knows what they’re doing with it, please PM me.

I gave up In-Flight Assistant because I was always forced to shutdown my device to make it connected. Or killed applications and so on. Too too too boring.
The best way would be that it is integrated by Infinite Flight in Infinite Flight. So no problem with third-party apps

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thats a cool Idea. would add some more realism to the Sim itself and could get, combinated with other third Party apps like IF Assistant work really well and push the expirience to a new level.

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A nice idea.

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Looks like a really cool idea, shame both apple OS’s are last.

@AirFrank44… MaxSez: I’ve been using IF Assistant for every Sortie for years without fail. Suggest you contact Developer for guidance @epaga by PM.
Max Sends

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@Velocity23… MazSez: Great minds. Appears overly complex for this platform and demographic. The need for a GPU is negligible since simulated ground power at the gate is assumed for TrashHaulers and on-board battery power for non-turbine GA on spot.
Limited audience for this complex mind bender me thinks, KISS is better.
Good Luck, Max Sends


It works well, but I have to shoot IF et IF-Assistant before beginning. I gave up and was refunded.
Maybe that one day IF would integrate APPROACHING MINIMUMS, MINIMUMS and a shabby camera. It would be so so so nice

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If ‘Marzipan’ is made available to 3rd party devs any time soon (which is likely this year or next at the latest) you might even be able to serve Mac users, which will be awesome

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