Feedback request: In-Flight Operations - automatically generated flight reports (ACARS/PIREP) & more! (Public Beta is open!)


glide slope deviation and localizer deviation can be on feet from the touchdown point and center lone instead of deviation in terms of degrees of angle. as just moments before touch down few degrees seems like land d on taxiway whereas its just cm from centerline.

also I read you comming up for ios 1st then android only if it took off. but with ios only it’ll be hard for the VA’s to implement it as compulsory as limited by devices each pilot can have and it would be unproductive for the VA to have few pilot file in old school way and few from this app. as majority of users flu in android. so its impossible the VA to imement this app with ios only in the 1st place.

It would be great to have such feature IF VA pays the premium and pilots just log into the app to use the app. login details provided by VA admin where they manage which user has allowance to use the app (email Id) where va admin can add and remove pilots and others just login using the details provided by VA admin and use the report generation option.


I currently do those final approach measurements at 1000 AGL on final approach, which is often the “checkpoint” at which a pilot is required to have a stabilized approach. So that gives a normalized value that can be compared and rated if desired.

I’ve said it above that I wasn’t really envisioning this app becoming compulsory (at least for most VAs) anyways. Seems like it will simply make everyone’s life easier to use it if they can, but that otherwise they can continue manually entering their flight data…

That said, I’m still thinking this through.

I hear you, this has been requested many times already. I understand the appeal, but the problem is that a login system really adds a ton of complexity to something I’m intending to be dead simple. Not least because I’m also trying to have the app appeal to people like Trio who aren’t even in a VA.

So - I’m still considering what to do re: pricing.


Do you know when you plan to release! Is it soon or not for a while


Roughly in when it’s done weeks or so.


@epaga soon ;)


Is there a way to log the wind and visibility at the time of landing? Strong crosswind could excuse hardish landing…


Great idea, I will have to test this. I see there’s an API “Live.GetWeather”, so I’ll check what it returns. It’s possible this will not work in Solo mode, but that’s OK. 😜


Solo what? I completely forgot about that mode since global came in!
I guess the weather is available in live flight connect, so there should me a channel to get the data from.
All best of luck anyway with this great project.


Sorry, no live weather in live flight connect… only in my dreams.


Don’t know how doable this is, but any chance of including something that allows us to look at the vertical profile of our flight?

Basically something that let’s us see if we flew a continuous descent approach or when we levelled off in descent etc.

I know this can be done using LiveFlight, but it would be cool if we could check out the vertical profile after the flight using this app.

Regardless, really looking forward to this app!


That’s pretty much exactly what it’s supposed to be like-with more focus on the numbers-fuel/landing vs etc.

To reach everyone, obviously the basic app will have a set price. I still think if it’s humanly possible, a subscription style (a-la live flight?) for VA’s/VO’s that are willing to invest in this would be beneficial both to John for all his time developing and the vast number of VA’s and VO’s. If down the line if it’s on android as well, perhaps then after a period of maturation/updates/android etc. maybe THEN it can be a required/VA subscription style type of thing-once VA’s can get it plugged into their sites with API’s and such


Here’s another example flight I did, from Vientiane to Hanoi:


How do you buy an app after it’s been downloaded?


Just take my money !!! Looks amazing John can’t wait to try it out


My bad. I thought I wrote “once it will be downladable”


Guess what - the Public Beta is up and running! Give it a spin and report bugs in the beta thread!


Just started testing the Beta, great so far. Just some things I missed:

  • Pilot Name automatically inserted from IF
  • Callsign (from IF)
  • Takeoff-weight and Landing-weight.
  • Airtime
  • landing count if more than one landing was included in the flight
  • some IF date like current XP, might be difficult cause they are calculated after finishing the flight in IF, number of violations, a remark if ATC was activ.

But great work so far. I am already using Assistent and instruments, but this one would be the most used tool!


Could be tricky if you have a bouncy landing


Haha, that’d be hilarious, though. “Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you enjoyed our landings - all 3 of them…”


IF has a mechanism to count landings, so it might be in the API…