Feedback request: In-Flight Operations - automatically generated flight reports (ACARS/PIREP) & more! (Public Beta is open!)


Have you looked into Project fly for computer flight sims yet, because the features on there can most likely correlate to what you can bring into IF


Didn’t think it was possible to like you any more than I already did for giving us IF Assistant…

This is absolutely awesome to have. Great work!


Holy cows this looks great


That was something we did throw around a bit @Matthew_Chan It’s designed to mimic that in some ways-the initial concept we sent to John was based on a YouTube video of projectfly we saw as well as some other software some of us had used on PC in the past.


FT/MIN, not s?


@MackenzieRodgers @Darren_QFA0333 @David_Lockwood This looks promising!


This is brilliant! We’d love to help out wherever possible.


So this is like a smartCARS but for IF? I like this idea even though I kinda quit IF


I would love to see this and I would get it.


Man I would love to have this alongside IFAssistant!


Once again you have created an epic app which is not only useful but well thought out and will work!

One slight alteration if I may: rather than just fuel remaining could you also add a total fuel consumed from start up to shutdown as this is what-art of what we use as part of our factors to rate the flight at Qantas Virtual ( and I am sure others too!)

++++FUEL USAGE++++

FLIGHT. 11.5



OK a few more fixes to the issues you all pointed out, plus “FUEL USED”. @David_Lockwood @Jan

This is obviously just a short test flight. ;) I love how the flight report gives you a good idea of what I was doing, haha.


This is looking really really nice!

How would the pricing work? Would it be a 1 time payment for the whole app with everything or will it be like IFA where you pay for a base set and you can buy extra stuff.

Personally I would like the 1st option for something like this - this isn’t as complex as IFA - pay once for everything


Speaking as someone who is not in any VAs/VOs that require you to fill out a PIREP, this is cool! I’m really looking forward to this. 🙂


I’d like to use the app to see how I’m doing.
I’m not part of a VA so I don’t need further reporting functionality.
So for me a price for the basic app and extra reporting functionality as IAP’s would be best.


Yeah that seems sensible - I could live with that


I’ve also added an options screen now for generating the report, for adding comments, flight number, etc. @anon93248082


Oh that’s super slick I really like that option! Thanks for makin’ that happen! Can’t wait to use it!


Nice! That’s a really nice option - good idea Mark


Looking really good. Will beta testing be available before the release?