Feedback request: In-Flight Operations - automatically generated flight reports (ACARS/PIREP) & more! (Public Beta is open!)


That’s really sweet!


Did you fly a UFO? The aircraft is unidentified! 😂

And what did you do with the fuel?! 🤔


I would love to see fuel burned, fuel loaded, pax loaded, ZFW, etc.

Also, would love to see landing challenges or instructor lessons, I just feel like adventure missions wouldn’t fit the feel of IF, as we don’t have terrain, etc. (w/o terrain, it would be impossible…)


I second this. Weekly challenges would be a fun thing for VA’s to implement to ‘spice up’ the flights for pilots, I myself would have fun trying to get a -200 FPM landing, and I believe a focus on things such as landing smoothly and getting to your destination with your expected weight through challenges will put more of a focus on the reality of airline pilot life.


Wow, can’t believe the response for this!

Glad you like it! We put a LOT of thought into this idea at virtualBlue and thanks to @epaga , it’s coming to fruition in the community! These are the original “PIREP” screenshots we sent to John about 6 months or so ago! We can’t believe how great it’s come out! He truly is a wizard!

This was the main idea for the app-allowing plug-ins to the va software while also allowing for competitive factors like ils precision, greased landing competitions etc.

Mark this was conceptualized to be just like the real ACARS you use at work and add an extra layer of realism to IF-just like all of John’s apps do!

Can’t wait to start flying with this at virtualBlue!


Yep lokos like it from what he’s been saying, real excited see this!


Not nearly as much as we are lol. This is gonna be a an absolute game changer for the VA/VO community and the IFC overall.

Some pilots don’t care for the realism requirements (make a proper flight plan, fly by the charts etc) that we have at virtualBlue-but with add on/companion apps like Epaga’s, IF just keeps marching onwards towards desktop class simulation right in the palm of your hand.


This is what keeps me excited and hopeful for Infinite Flight: we can have a fully-fledged realistic simulator on our tablets without the ridiculous costs of PC-sims. Thank you devs and Epaga for making these dreams a reality!


Anyone got about $26K I could borrow?


I would use it to compare with friends! :D


Wow… incredible. Can’t wait to start using this!! Thank you!


Thanks everyone for the kind words. Thanks again @virtualBlue for the original concept and the feedback! It really is fun to do a successful flight and then see the report afterwards.

Because I’ve had a couple people ask via DM: the app is NOT limited to any one VA, rather anyone will be able to get it and use it to create their reports. I have not yet decided on pricing.


It would be cool if it can be integrated with VAM. Could the callsign be captured on the PIREP as well?

I’ll be watching how this app develops.


This is AMAZING!!!

I agree with @Velocity23 though, if this is to be paid and a VA wants all pilots to use it, then it would make more sense if the VA paid for a susbcripiton that can be used by their pilots.


Perhaps the VA’s could have a code they give to pilots?


Yeah, that’s the idea @Velocity23 gave (:

But it would have to be a one time code for individual pilots so that the code isn’t passed on and reused to non-pilots.


Most likely, or at least manually entered by the user.

Yeah not really a fan of this - makes things a lot more complicated plus I may run into issues with apple’s rules. I think the solution is for (most) VAs to simply not absolutely require it, no?


Habe a look at this @Shrek1 @Koby_Thomas @karl_iszler


I think it would be best here to follow what you have done in the past regarding pricing model:
Price the initial download of the app, which provides basic features at no additional cost, then put what would be considered more premium features behind a subscription.

Basic features could simply be use of the app and exporting an image of the pirep to camera roll or export as pdf file. Then the premium feature could be auto-upload to the flight logging software used by the VA that that person is in.


Well if that’s not possible then I do suppose that would be the only method. However, if it does, I reckon the top VA’s will be ready to perhaps invest in a software like this. I know that in my VA, we’re already discussing investing in something like this. It’s more a matter of whether it’s possible.