Feedback request: In-Flight Operations - automatically generated flight reports (ACARS/PIREP) & more! (Public Beta is open!)


Great concept good luck developing this


Thanks! This is going to be a ton of fun!

At this point I’m thinking screenshot of that flight log, shareable via whatever apps you have on your system that can handle images.

I knew this question was coming sooner or later. Sad to say, as with my other apps: iOS first, Android later if the iOS version gains traction and does well. For example, In-Flight Instruments never really “took off” (heh), so I’ve never made an Android version of it, and if I had it would have been quite the waste of time.

I could add a “comments” section, perhaps?

It will be a cost for the users of the app. No real way that I can think of to have VAs pay for the app for users. This is why I think the app should normally be completely optional (unless it’s some super exclusive VA that is willing to make it a requirement).

Not in version 1.0 most likely, but that is definitely a goal for a later update. At this point it will be a super fast way to post a full PIREP into a channel like Slack or whatever and have it be verified by your VA because it knows it comes from IF-O.

Yes. In fact, in the flight I did which the flight report example came from, I used IF-A the whole way and it worked perfectly.

It’s going to be a separate app you will run in addition (hopefully 😜) to IF-A.

Thanks as always everyone for the positive energy in here, this community rocks!!!


That’d be real helpful, I’d really appreciate that as a VA owner!


Great, will be quite simple to add a “comments” button to add a custom comment that would be added underneath the report.


Thanks! You have a new customer for sure!


Will this be able to work with Discord like it will work with Slack? Perhaps any integration with VAM?


For the fun of it, here’s a bit of a wilder ride I just did on the casual server to test. 😜 A couple of issues still to iron out, can anyone spot them? 😜


It’s in KG ;) lol


It should, because as far as I know, the Discord app accepts images. If nothing else you can save to your camera roll and then import it in the Discord app.

VAM integration may be possible, need to look into the API once v1.0 is out.


I have to say I love this idea. Any timeline on how long it will take to be released?


Basically at this point I’m thinking it will be released…when it’s done. 😜


You spent 30 minutes taxing?


Is the negative loc deviation one of them? Noticed you fixed the N1% being zero :). Love the idea. When you talk about the cost you mean a one off cost, or a subscription?


That was one issue, yep. 😀 I accidentally left in debug code.


Yep, it was!

Undecided as of yet.


Ft/m instead of ft/s?

The rounding up of minutes?
31 instead of 30 minutes between ON and IN?

G/S instead of GS to prevent confusion with ground speed?


Great Idea @epaga! I do Really like the flight summary :)


The rounding is actually correct I think - other than that - yep, thanks for all of those. Can’t wait to have you start beta testing the thing, Jan.


I’m looking forward to this!


So, check it out! Added nose angle at takeoff and landing, as well as departure and takeoff runway, also fixed FP/S (haha) and G/S… @mac104 @Jan