Feedback request: In-Flight Operations - automatically generated flight reports (ACARS/PIREP) & more! (Public Beta is open!)

This would be amazing if you somehow managed to make it integrate with ACARS and be its source for IF flight information. Im currently building a VA website and Crew Center and the big challenge is that its difficult to automate the IF App to talk to the existing systems in place and used by the larger (legacy) flight sims.

This is exactly the idea I’m trying to accomplish. Which system are you using for building the VA web site @Amir_Hussein ? I can send this info in any format.

I really like the flight instructor idea, I’m all about education!


aircraft pitch angle on rotate and touch down would be great to assess the situation of tail strike. :)

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Yep, that was something @mac104 mentioned, and should definitely be doable as well.

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Using VaBase at the moment.

also which server it was flown. as in my va we are very much inclined towards expert server and have specific rules regarding it. :)

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This should be doable as well, but need to check.

Edit: Can confirm this is doable.


Love this idea! I’m really hoping this takes place! It’d be so helpful for VAs!


Thanks a lot @epaga since ACARS system is precoded and is available in our website so as we talked earlier it’ll be too easy for us to import pilots data,thanks a lot.

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Yep, vaBase should be doable to support sooner or later since they have an API.

That’s the hope and why I’m posting in this sub-forum first! But I also hope to make this app one that would be interesting and helpful even for people who are not in a VA.


I’d like see engine start, departure time, enroute time, landing and engine shut down, along with how many miles, departing airport and arriving airport.
Possibly an option on why a crew diverted from their original route, possibly being able for staff to message them while en route. When I dispatch aircraft I am able to contact them through our system anywhere around the world.

I think it bring a new realism to the program we strive for realism so this would be perfect!


All of those are currently already implemented, see that example flight report I posted. “OUT”: begin flight log, “OFF”: takeoff, “ON”: landing, “IN”: end flight log.

Ah, wait, distance in miles is not in there yet. That would be a good addition.

Hmmm this is interesting - could you outline this in a bit more detail? Give me an example of what this might look like - who would be doing what when in this scenario?

Awesome - that’s what I love about IF, too - that’s why I’ve added GPWS and VNAV systems to In-Flight Assistant, or also re-created instruments for In-Flight Instruments. Hoping this will be a great third app to add even more realism to IF.


This definitely will be a powerful addition to infinite flight as your other apps are outstanding works, To have everything calculated in would be a great time saving feature I’m all for it

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I guess but m ain’t confirm…will the data be shared through a link or a screenshot 🤔.

Also…what about Android… Will it be available on android or only on IOS?

Perfect example, when I dispatch aircraft to Dutch Harbor Alaska, at my company we require an alternate for it. Just due to how short the runway is, and how dangerous Dutch is, so in our system if they go miss and head to, let’s say Coldbay Alaska we’ll press “Diverted” our program ask us the reason for the diversion and we write in whatever it may be. “The Runway is closed cause wild chickens are on the runway”, or “Weather moved in and crew can’t get into Dutch” ect.

It’s then sent to our managers and later we can go back and figure out why they diverted. I know the VA I am starting up we have minimum landing weather requirements so it’d be nice if a Pilot could relay that information while I am away or I can go back into the logs and see why


This is a very exciting prospect, and would be great addition to the PIREP system we currently have for our VA.

A few questions:

  • You have said that it will not be free - will it be a cost for the Virtual Organisation or for the users itself - that may affect how many people will use this software. (I think the VO paying for the software as a subscription would be a good idea)

  • Will these flight reports be compatible with VA’s current PiRep systems - VABase or phpVMS for example?

  • Will this be compatible with In-Flight Assistant so both applications can run simultaneously?

This is a great idea, and I can’t wait to see it come to fruition, as I wholeheartedly believe this would be a great addition to our VA.


This sounds amazing!!! Hope we get to see it in IFA soon!

This looks like a very exciting opportunity, thank you for all your hard work!

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Looking good @epaga

Weekly challenge for landings I think would be the best.