Feedback request: In-Flight Operations - automatically generated flight reports (ACARS/PIREP) & more! (Public Beta is open!)

Edit, 2/7/2019: the app has now been officially released! Let’s continue this conversation on the official thread. I’ll be asking the mods to close this thread.

Download link:

Note: If your VA officially recommends use of In-Flight Operations, please let me know since I am planning on added a “Recommended by VAs” section to the official thread, and I will link to your VA.

Edit, 1/7/2019: Public Beta is running!
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Hey VA people! Don’t know if you remember this thread I started a while back … I’ve now started development on this app and got some cool stuff working and wanted to show how far I am so far. I’ve been in contact with virtualBlue to get their feedback on my early versions (since they seeded the idea to me a while back) and they’ve been pretty excited. I think this may be an idea that will benefit the whole IF community, but especially any VA out there wanting to help their pilots keep an eye on their flight data.


The main idea of the app is that you’ll start it up, get your flight set up, then…

…you’ll hit “Begin Flight Log” and have it run in the background to watch your flight and will automatically log your flight data to create a fully-fledged “Pilot Report” (PIREP) at the end. You can export this and send it to your VA, post it to Instagram, whatever you want to do. 😜

Something like this - this is an actual flight report generated by my app of an actual flight I did. I’ve tried to resemble actual flight reports as well as I can:

None of that was manually entered by me. Rather I simply began a flight logging with my app, did my flight as usual with a flight plan (you could use In-Flight Assistant’s VNAV for this, of course, as well as have live instruments with In-Flight Instruments 😜), and then went back into the app and tapped “Create Flight Report”. I could then post this image to Slack or send it via email or whatever.

Something I’m going to also add soon is a rating for your flight based on your flight parameters - were your flaps out at the right time, were your strobe lights / landing lights on (or off) at the right times, etc…all leading to a final 0.0 - 10.0 rating which your VA could integrate into their own pilot rating system if they want to.


I have some questions for you all, since the VA crowd is one of, though not the only, target group of this app.

1. What other data would you like to see in a flight report? What other data could play into a “flight rating”? (Please respond as a comment)

2. In addition to flight reports, I have the following ideas I may (or may not) end up adding to this app as well. Which would you be MOST excited about?

  • Flight School - have an audio instructor walk you through basics of flying
  • Challenges - have a weekly challenge that you’re rated on
  • Adventures - have audio adventures (such as a search-and-rescue mission)

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3. What do you think about this app concept? (your answer is anonymous)

  • This. Is. Amazing.
  • Not bad, I guess - we’ll see how it develops.
  • Meh, not that impressed.

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Who am I

I’m the developer of In-Flight Assistant, the “soundscape” add-on for Infinite Flight (as well as In-Flight Instruments the live instruments add-on). My passion is making highly polished, professional apps that add tons of value to the already awesome Infinite Flight experience.


This. Is. EPIC!


I’d also like to see:

  • Nose angle at touchdown
  • Max landing Gs
  • Runway used for t/o and landing (if possible)

And this may be a big ask, BUT if the logbook could have a map showing the flight track, and also a horizontal (graphical) representation of the vertical flight path - like what you can see on FlightAware.

The vertical flight track would be awesome - I can take screenshots from other 3rd parties to get the flight track, but right now there is no way (that I know of) to see the vertical track… so that would be an awesome new addition.

I’ll stop after this - but I’m a huge fan of IF-A, and especially the VNAV function - I would LOVE to see those beautiful step climbs displayed in graphical form.


Thanks for the ideas - all of those make a lot of sense and should be doable.


This is awesome! I’m a big fan of your assistant app already. Nice work.
Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr ;)


Nice! Will this be integrated into IF-A, or will it be a separate app? If it is the latter, will it be free?


This will be a separate app.

I have not decided on pricing yet, but it will not be entirely free, at least not with all its features.


That landing was a greaser -11 V/S 👍🏻


Alright then. May I suggest for the pricing model that the VA pay for the app for their pilots to use? The pilot could just enter a unique code given to them by the VA staff and instantly be able to access it. For pilots that aren’t part of a VA who want to use it they could have the option to pay for it themselves.


You absolutely may suggest that. 😜


Saw that too - the only problem I see with this app is the inevitable embarrassment that is going to come from some of my landings which aren’t always around 11 fps


I think that this is a great idea however it must be implemented correctly to ensure VAs use it. For instance some members of a VA may not be prepared to pay the price for this app however the VA may only use this form of PIREP therefore it could possibly leave some people out.

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Haha that might have actually been a bug or I just got REALLY lucky. Most of my landings are around 250-300. It’ll be great for self-improvement, however. 😀


I think it would likely be unwise (for most VAs) to require this app for membership. It’s primarily going to be an app that simply will save you 2-5 minutes every flight for making your flight reports…which adds up and provides value. :)


And potentially no longer needing to wait to have them verified 😁


Ooh I like that idea

Yep - in fact, if I can get it to work with the phpVMS API, I may be able to directly post INTO your pilot account for you!



This image is not mine


Could you get it to work with VAM?

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Perhaps, not sure. I will likely make a 1.0 release before I add things like this, however. Just to get it out there.