Feedback on inexperienced and inattentive pilots

Can we all please stop with the negative comments directed towards inexperienced/inattentive pilots. Every single one of us (myself included) were these pilots at one point in time. Instead of posting photos and complaining about actions on the expert server, how about we all reach out to a pilot, by direct messaging them, and explain how they can improve (in a constructive manor). Constructive criticism goes a long way. Also, no one is ever perfect. Humans are bound to make mistakes from time to time.

Rant over, time to go fly!

Thank you.


While I do agree that publicly criticizing pilots on how they play the sim isn’t the best approach for a solution, these pilots should also know the rules and expectations of the expert server. They started from the bottom, and over time, worked their way upwards through experience. So I guess it’s quite obvious that they should know how to play the sim in a proper and disciplined manner.



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So, you’re saying that you have been a perfect pilot, with zero violations since day one?

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Inexperienced and inattentive is not the issue. The issue lies with users that only subscribe to cause issues and troll, or users who are spoken to in a kind way, but just don’t listen!?


This will be fun to watch

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My point is that we should not criticize people publicly consistently. We should provide feedback by direct messaging them, and if their behaviour persists, then reach out to moderators.

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Some people have 🤪

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The latest problems in the expert server aren’t caused by inexperienced pilots - they are caused my pilots who intentionally break the rules and ruin other people’s flights intentionally.

This isn’t something that can be solved by feedback, as they already know what they are meant to do.


And I am hearing you, don’t get me wrong! But sometimes the only way to get people to join the folks who do try and keep things neat and proper is to confront them and turn their poor behaviour into examples for others treading the same track.


Additionally, these topics aren’t made to humiliate people - they are made to bring awareness to the situation and propose ways to improve it.

There will always be a few. From all the posts I’ve seen, there are lots that just need constructive feedback, and hopefully, that will improve their behaviour…

And I agree, I really do!

The problem with that is that like mentioned above, the majority are trolls who don’t have community accounts and will never see the posts that people make - they’re not doing it because they don’t know how to fly, they’re doing it because they think no one is watching them (however that’s not always the case, even when ATC goes offline). Even if they did see the posts they probably wouldn’t care

Could you give me 1 example of that?

A picture doesn’t mean much. It could be that there was a glitch on your, or their, end. What is more useful is a video of such instances. Im not trying to be on the ‘troll’s’ side. What I’m trying to get at is like @TimShan05 said, if the user has a community account, we should take the initiative and message them to provide constructive feedback.

ok could you give me the link for 1 topic where the user needed constructive and wasn’t aware what he was doing was wrong?

Like I said, I don’t know either side of the story on ANY of the photos, as they provide VERY little evidence to support what occurred. This is why video’s provide much more information.

That I do agree on as well. I do also understand why it’s mostly screenshots we’re seeing; they’re easier to make, and include in a topic.

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