Feedback on Connect

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I’ve been using Connect a lot recently with LiveFlight (Connect and the iOS app). It’s simply awesome.

Got some feedback on it:

  • Setting axes via API
    At the moment, I need to match my axis ID with the correct flight control in order to send the correct ID (in LFC on Mac, I estimate/get the user to find the axes for pitch, roll, etc. so I can send the Name as part of the CallParameter). A user then has to match them in Infinite Flight as well - double the work for the user (more support queries I have to answer too).
    Solution - a call such as NetworkJoystick.SetFlightControlAxis so axes can be assigned via Connect instead of involving manual work from the user.

  • Sending keyboard commands via the API
    At the moment, keyboard commands in LFC are hard-coded (specific commands are sent when keys are pressed). There is a NetworkJoystick.SetButtonState command, which I use for sending joystick button presses. I can’t easily send keyboard commands (key names) as this command only accepts ints as names (in the Commands page on IF, you’d see “Gear” followed by a random number - not easy for user to cross-reference with a key command). Also, “alternate” commands don’t work, so a user can’t have a joystick button for gear at the same time as the G key.
    Solution: NetworkJoystick.SetKeyButtonState command which allows keyboard commands to be sent and interpreted as keyboard commands.

  • PitchUp, PitchDown, RollLeft, RollRight
    Told Matt about this briefly the other day. These commands don’t work on certain devices, which lead to me having to create a workaround with the NetworkJoystick.SetAxisValue - this still confuses users though. Would be great to have this implemented on all devices.

  • More info about set flight plan (next wpt)
    @AR_AR was asking about this a few weeks back. A command to get the next waypoint of the flightplan would be perfect.

  • ATC controller commands - ability to switch selected ATC window
    Keyboard commands for ATC ([1-0] commands) are great for pilots, but not too useful for controllers with multiple aircraft. A command to quickly switch selected aircraft would be great (both as an iterative list, such as with Next/PreviousCamera, and as a command to open the window for a specific aircraft, such as if it is tapped on the map on LiveFlight).

I think that’s it… I’ll add more if I think of more :)


Also the ability to set altitude and speed in the flight plan (even if just via the API) would make everything much more robust and easy to manage. I keep track of that in a separate structure for my fms implementation and it gets really messy if a waypoint is added/deleted in IF. Would make it much easier to keep everything in sync.

I think you guys have the structures in place for a more detailed flight plan system, so exposing more of it would be very much appreciated.

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