Feedback Fun! Drop your best feature request here

There are four feature requests which attract my attention the most, and I honestly think they are genuinely useful to the community.

  1. Smart Throttle | Throttle Lock
    The best thing you can do is check the original message in the feature request. It includes everything you need to know about the request.
    To sum it up, it would allow you to manage your throttle in a more realistic manner and avoid going 117% N1 which would shatter your engine 😱

  1. Airbus A330-200
    Pretty straightforward, we already have the A333 and the A339. The only one missing in the A332. Cockpit is completed, wings and engines are completed, main fuselage is completed.
    This aircraft would require little modifications to add a brand new aircraft, and the livery opportunities are amazing (Hawaiian, AirFrance, AirSerbia and a ton more)

  1. Jambojet Bombardier Aerospace Dash 8 Q402
    Safarilink Cessna Caravan
    These two liveries are needed in the sense that most civilian airports in Kenya are 3D, but we only have Kenya Airways to operate domestic flights. And the two proposed liveries would allow realistic operations from both HKJK and HKNW.
    Also Kenya offers stunning landscapes, check it out if you want. Fly between HKJK and HKOK, you won’t be disappointed…
    (The votes given to these liveries do not stand a chance in front of other mainstream airlines, but a staff pick would be much appreciated :) )

Be sure to check out in detail all four topics, I’m sure you can free up a vote for at least one of them ❤️