Feedback Fun! Drop your best feature request here

From time to time, we like to mix things up and get some direct feedback and discussion from users. We did something similar on our Discord server with subscribers after 23.3 dropped.

Here’s a chance to chat about what’s most important to you! Please be respectful at all times and please don’t argue with other users about the validity of their request!



I hope to see an extended implementation of the procedures. The between, at or above, and at or below constraints would be nice to see. Along with better visualization of procedures that require radar vectors, RNP arcs, and DME arcs, for controllers and pilots.

The addition of a direct-to system for fixes on these procedures I think would make radar controlling just about feature complete.


Is there some development update on new clouds? (the request is cumulus clouds layer)

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Not at this time since the date of implementation is still unknown. I can share that developers have begun testing this on devices.


Yep - great feedback. Thanks.

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Hey Infinite Flight Staff Team!

I have a little bit of feedback. Perhaps, there could be a new feature in regards to how liveries are picked to be added to Infinite Flight.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention the Air Europa B737-800 livery that still hasn’t been added to the simulator, even though the thread was created years ago and it has a decent amount of votes.

I would greatly appreciate it, if you could read what I’ve said. Here is the link to my comment:

A feature that I think would be useful in Infinite Flight would be to add a feature where you can tell a pilot to divert to as an option. Because, there are times where a controller can be controlling and the pilot doesn’t know where to divert to, so I think adding a feature that can recommend an airport for the pilot to divert to would be quite useful.

Many Thanks


Any plans make flying at night a bit more varied? (City lights)


Any plans to get rid of the A220?


I’d really love to see the implemantation of “tail north/south/east/west” on the pushback clearence. I’ve noticed that there’s airports with complex taxiways / procedures, and that feature would help a lot on the traffic management.

Or maybe using the Drag and Taxi to show the pushback routing. And also, it would be great the push & pull feature


I think a lot of small things would significantly improve the quality of life such as more options for ATC to communicate with pilots and vice versa or the ability to fly holding patterns with the autopilot.

A big thing that’d be amazing for IFATC would be the implementation of clearance delivery to boost realism and enable ATC to coordinate departures much smoother.


I fully agree with this!

Pushback facing XX and also the ability to tell them on which taxiway to push would be amazing with the addition of parallel taxiways for narrow bodies that are getting more and more popular around the world.

It’d also perfectly work together with taxiway vectoring and the recent additions of colourful lines.


Yes, but step one is implementing the new rendering/shading system which will allow for the illumination of aircraft and airport lighting. That is underway.


I think most of us want the A350-1000


Oh sorry, I forgot to mention but you’re not allowed to reply 😜

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Why me? 😂 now @Cameron is my new favorite staff member

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I sure hope not lol


Infinite Flight is great and I appreciate every bit of work the devs put into this simulator. I would love to see a sneak peek of Project metal or status update on it. I understand it’s a very difficult task to tackle but I know that the devs are doing amazing.

Also, I would love to see more aircraft polls with every category that is possible for IF.

I like the technical side of IF.
It would be nice to see what IF uses for pushing updates to the website and how.

Showing things that aren’t fully ready, I don’t care if they are ready or not. You could show us like rain and not release it until a few years later or months. It’ll give us a gist on what we can expect.


I’m excited for the A380 rework and beyond.


Please stop changing the UI.


I’d like the 767 and more realistic sounds packs

  • Cargo specific aircraft variants… 767-F would be a fantastic option when it gets reworked. :)
  • Weather radar
  • Terrain radar
  • TOGA procedures
  • Improvement of ATC services like clearance delivery, etc
  • Updated systems (electrical, pneumatic, fuel and hydraulic)
  • Better flight planning like to your end gate for taxiing purposes. Right now it’s tedious to request taxi to a gate while trying to get off runway, switch off lights, etc.
  • Improved procedures

I won’t mention the things we know have been brought up for a while like improving AP behavior, better lighting on aircraft and ground, live weather (snow, rain), terrain at the poles, PACOTS, etc. See? That was me not bringing those up.

Well that was fun. No wonder my kids like writing letters to Santa.

*OH, and this is me not mentioning a live cockpit on the MD-11F also. :)