Feedback from KHIO

@Bill_Kavanaugh Nice work at KHIO :smile:

One comment though, for my approach, I was coming in from the north, perhaps a direct entry into left base for 13 or even a straight in would have been smoother :smile:

Other than that, which is no biggie, excellent work!


Hey Mattโ€ฆ

Thanks for the feedback. I agree but by the time I realized it fixing it would have been futile. I appreciate you stopping by. David took of there just a bit in front of you.


I had both of them several times today. I still have an account so I didnโ€™t screw up too bad.

I did give @matt a bit longer path than I should have but it worked out. It was fun to have him and David show up. I was new to the airport but wanted to support the region of the day.

As well all do, Iโ€™ll keep getting better!

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