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Hello, I’m here to make my possible last post to feedback this amazing sim I’ve played over the years.
Why am I making this? It’s simply because I lost the motivation to play, so here I will give some feedback to the staff.

The main reason why I quit is because the removal of the old atc system, having the old atc schedule can bring many many players together without hosting an event, the schedule can also allow use to explore many unknown airports. I know fnf exist but have it weekly made me lose motivation, further more players now only go to 3D airports and more spread out, I think having the atc in 1 region will help grouping us players together and have more fun.

The Second reason is my personal preference, I think the physics of the plane is a bit off, you don’t get the same challenge when take off or landing compared to other sim, yes I know this might not be capable right now but I will love to see in the future with some improvements.

Moreover I think the lack of customisation is the issue, I think having mods will improve this game massively, just having livery mods in enough, take example of other sims, they allow players to have the freedom to make their own livery, in this way, players will have more choices to fly the route they like or use different variations of the airline livery.

Lastly the scenery and graphics, yes I know this is coming in the future but I totally understand this, it is not the lack of developing skills the team has, it is the lack of the power of the current technology, my spare phone can barely run if now, as a person who likes a bit of tech, I completely understand why the graphics might be behind, plus majority of the community play on a budget spec mobile device and it might be harmful just to drop the support of the mobile device.

Overall I think it’s is an amazing game developed by an amazing team, the community is the least toxic and the engagement with the staff is amazing, but however the time has come and good things has an end to it, I hope to see you guy in the future.

Thank you, Good day - G-RISK


I mean, Most of that I agree with most of it, but the thing is Mods are quite hard to download on a Tablet, only if IF does what RFS does and lets the community make liveries for aircraft, and then the IF team review it and it gets added.



This is actually pretty decent and detailed feedback.

As for custom mods, they’re harder to download on a mobile device, and they’d be subject to an additional level of supervision, as well as a whole system to create and apply those liveries across multiplayer. Perhaps that might be a future thing. In fact there’s a feature request for it here:

I would say, just be patient. Improvements will come in time, with scenery and aircraft reworks (and new aircraft hopefully), as well as more and more 3D airports, and more and more new IFATC members filling up the airports, so more regions are covered at any given time. The pace of technology too is pretty speedy, so I’m sure that it’ll catch up as well.

However, that being said, one can totally understand how waiting for these things for a long while can put a pinch on your wallet, and it makes financial sense to come back at a time when in your opinion, you see a significant improvement in the game.

Hope to see you back in the game at a time when you see fit to return and pay for a subscription again. We’ll all be waiting :)




I have played other flight simulators where they have allowed community members to add liveries to the game and the liveries look absolutely horrible. It lacks attention to detail and I think what the devs in IF are doing is amazing. Even though they can only release some liveries, atleast it looks close to perfect rather than having a million community released liveries that look horrible.
Also in one of the games I played which is much more well known than IF (IF is better, I don’t know why people like that), they just release aircraft constantly without paying attention to detail. The cockpits look horrible, the plane looks horrible, everything looks horrible. They just focus on useless features like rain or pilots that move to increase/decrease the trust.
Infinite flight is lacking and I agree, but the devs have been working so hard to rework aircraft, make new aircraft, create 3d airports and create new liveries. It will take time to do these things because

  1. They make it very detailed or they do their best (within the game limits) so it will take time to perfect everything.
  2. They are not a huge company with like a hundred devs so they have no choice but to release updates slowly.

I absolutely agree. I’ll never ever want to see custom liveries. Maybe on casual server. But I personally play this game because it is as close to reality as possible. The effort should be put in enhancing the realism even more. Liveries, airports, lights, realistic night scenery and so on. For those who want to draw liveries I highly recommend using Paint or pen and paper. However, sad to see you go, the game offers so much to keep the motivation high.


I agree with you 💯 on this. When they were weekly schedules posted by Tyler. It was more fun flying with traffic and ATC into regions. Now the whole purpose of ATC has gone away and it is no longer fun how it used to be. The traffic has drastically reduced to a great extent and the same fun which was there when they were schedules is no longer there. The schedules had made people leave from Infinite Flight only. No doubt a controller can control anywhere with his assigned region after the removal of the weekly schedules. I still feel the weekly schedules were Better and attracted more traffic and more places to fly to within the virtual skies of Infinite Flight. But now if I want traffic I just need to go to a KEWR/EGLL to enjoy traffic but it is a gamble sometimes as ATC would not be present also.

As the Infinite Flight Staff team has told us they they listen to its users feedback and take it positively I appeal to the whole staff team of Infinite Flight to bring back the weekly schedules as it was much better and more fun flying. This is from a perspective of a pilot.

As an ATC it is very boring staying open for a session with barely 2-3 planes coming into your frequency as compared to the earlier region schedules.

I thus request the Infinite Flight Staff team to look into the same and try to get the schedules back as it would help Infinite Flight also and also many Virtual Airlines /Organizations.


Having a schedule already posted makes it easy to know what’s the place to fly where the fun would be, instead of having to leave it to our luck when and where the ATC would be… The schedule used to strike a balance, and having ATCs in different regions would control the footfall, and everyone would have fun!

Please do think about it IF team!


The ATC discussions have been done to death. No need to spark that one for like the 15th time with the outcome being exactly the same :)


Specifically for ATC, here’s a quote from Tyler:

You can continue and read the thread of the feature request there too :)

The ATC topics have been a source of constant debate. We’ll keep them focused in their respective topics.


There is no question for IF is the best flight simulator in mobile. Because of 3D airports , new aircraft update:B777 , A330 , B757…
But I still totally agree with your opinion, (the ATC one) As a IFATC member, I still love previous ATC region rule(Even Tyler already explained this before and his opinion actually is make sense) This is only my personal opinion, I prefer previous ATC region rule.
However, I will continue love infinite flight , it is the best flying simulator game I ever play before!

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schyllbergStaff | Technical Support


The ATC discussions have been done to death. No need to spark that one for like the 15th time with the outcome being exactly the same :)

Well… Being a Product Manager myself, I can tell you that the features can be resurrected if there’s a high user demand for that feature. And IF being an organization that ‘accept user feedback’ kinda platform should definitely think about it. Lack of features encourages users to find alternatives, nobody’s immune to that :)


This is good feedback but I have to disagree with one point:

I think the physics are undoubtedly the best among mobile sims. This is especially noticeable in the more recently reworked planes. If you’re taking a 757 on a short flight and have a very light load you can climb at 7000 ft/min initially because the engines are so overpowered (like in real life). Meanwhile the A330 often struggles to break 3,000 ft/min (like in real life). As for landings, if you know the correct speed/flaps/trim configuration for your load then yes it should be relatively easy most of the time.

Compare this to other sims where you’ll find yourself floating at 105kts in an A320 or no matter how many times you calibrate the device, the plane still always veers in one direction. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which sims I’m talking about. But it is nice to see some generally constructive feedback on here


Just because the community wants it back doesn’t mean that staff have to reinstate the old system. They’ve explained their logic behind the change numerous times, and to be completely honest, it’s been a great change for IFATC controllers. It’s a two-way street here; the pilots and ATC must have a balance.

Okay… Was just sharing an honest feedback… Its afterall the product’s decision to consider/disregard consumer requests :)

Peace ✌


I honestly wouldn’t want community made liveries. People complain a LOT when IF makes a small screw up with a livery. A livery made by one person without proper experience would look terrible. Seriously go look at other sims with community made liveries. They are usually not very good.

I think a better solution would be a monthly livery update similar to the monthly airport and navigation updates. Basically IF would add the 5 highest requested liveries on the IFC or via a community poll once a month so that way highly requested liveries don’t go years without being added or end up not getting added at all. This would also keep the community engaged with content instead of having to wait a long time for new content to be added.


You should take time into account. Creating features on a more regular basis (even if it’s „just“ a new livery) requires more people getting the job done. This results in: exactly higher costs. Which are then: being passed straight to the users which have to pay more for a subscription. That’s how things work. You won’t get things given, even if you ask kindly for something :).

If i had to pay a little bit of a higher subscription price to get a somewhat better day that would re-draw my interest in this game I totally would do it

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Not everyone is willing to do so. Or able to do. And this is what a company like IF has to take into account. As a company you have to keep the balance in things. I’m just saying even though it would lead to more variety.

I still very much agree on the ATC schedule. Most definitely didn’t get better for me

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Thanks for expressing your thoughts about IF. You address many aspects of the sim/service. We all use IF with our own personal nuances but many are common amongst the community. IFATC is impacting the IF flight world more at a fast pace. Fortunately its function is for the most part a separate entity in application, training and development. This therefore isn’t conflicting with the overall sim development.

Sorry to hear it is effecting your experience in a frustrating way, if i read you correctly. I hope it will someday be an 24/7 worldwide active service allowing seamless transition of flight coverage.

Now that we have 3D airports I think you are saying many (myself included) are only using these for our flying. I still see significant activity point to point from 2D facilities. I hope the expansion of new 3D airports continues to gain speed as soon as possible. Releasing them separately and not paired with a hotfix or Aircraft release may help this.

The subject of 3d party addons , liveries or airports is a bad idea I think, if it is technically possible 🤔

My personal concern is , and I don’t know if you share this too, is IF is trying to appease all users at once therefore diluting the overall playability and logical development. Example being in the release of 3D airports sequence. Its scattering the locations and limiting the use of many operators on real world routes.

My point is get the majors in to create a good flight network (Commercial and GA) then add in the secondary facilities . Like Lukla thats great to have in IF , but why now? We don’t have any AC that typically use this airport in real life in the first place .

I digress , anyway I hope you can find a way to keep IF part of your personal interests. I know its future is a positive one. Its just balancing our expectations with real time usage and enjoyment that some of us sometimes experience to some degree…


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