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Best va ever

Now introducing Career Mode at FDXV!

FedEx Virtual has formally released our first version of Career Mode! Come join the fun and see what we have to offer!


hello i want to ask something , i read the pilot sop file up there , it say that only sr captain that can fly the 777F but i read " our fleet " it say that trainee which is 0-25 flight hours logged can fly all aircraft ? so which one is the right one? sorry if my English is bad… , thanks

Hello sir, a manger should help you with that shortly

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okay thanks

Hi, at FedEx there’s no restriction. You can fly any plane at any rank you want.

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okay thanks for the information 😃

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my pleasure. Hope to see you soon

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Thanks @Gaming_sniper

hi all i am interested in joining Fedex virtual
I have not understood the process
do i first do the entry exam or do i first apply on CC?

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first, you do the entry exam and do the join on the CC

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exam then you will be inv to our discord then do it after exam

Okay thanks

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lollll Elden platenber

my new name im no long Elden platenberg

Okay i just completed pilot exam @ELDEN_PLATENBERG

ok @FedExVirtual will dm you soon

ok good, they will contact you very soon

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