FedEx Virtual | Keeping the World on Time | Official Thread 2021-22

When it says “Infinite Flight Experience” do you mean XP, flight time, and landings?

Wonderful VA and wonderful Chairmen Team and Staff! Glad to have been a member over year with many more with @Jason_M at the helm of this fabulous Virtual Organization.


Very Kind of you to say. But thank you for being a member of the FDXV family.


Yes sir it dose


It’s again me on the coms,

I wanted to thanks the @FedExVirtual team to let me go to their Event Leaders team. I am really happy to have been promoted to that and are looking forward on my first event to start. I didn’t joined this VA a while ago but on what I already saw and after all the talk I had with a great amount of members of that VA, I could say that FDXV is definitely more than a community, it’s also a big family of aviation lovers!


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» @NathanPreuss Promoted to FDXV Chief Events Officer!

Effective January 12th, Nate will be returning to The Chief Officer Team!!! We are super stoked to have Nate back where he belongs. As most of you know, Nate has been doing an amazing job with the FedEx Virtual events while serving in the Event leader role and as such, the decision to promote him to the Chief’s Team was an easy one.

» @DhruvChopra Promoted to the Board of Driectors!

Effective January 12th, Dhruv will be returning to The Director’s Team!!! We are super stoked to have Dhruv back on the Flight Log Team.

Please join us in congratulating & welcoming back Nate & Dhruv back to their posst with expectations that 2022 will be an amazing year for our expansion around the Infinite Flight globe.


Congratulations to both of you, welcome on the team back !


I’m loving the 2x bonus on the World Tour Flights!

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Like you Leo, I enjoy this bonus! Fedex World tour is an awesome event. Definitely, my favorite leg was LIMC-DGAA.
In barely 5 hours, you leave from the foot of the snow-capped Alps, then a passage through the island of beauty, Corsica, the high point of the center of the Mediterranean. Then you find yourself in the middle of the Sahara and its captivating waves of sand from the sky, to finish on the green valley and the huge Lake Volta which leads to the gates of Accra in Ghana, gateway to the Gulf of Guinea and the 'Atlantic.
In terms of landscape diversity it’s just incredible.
Plus my boxes will be delivered on time, because that’s our motto here at Fedex!


So glad you’re enjoying the World Tour!

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