FedEx Virtual | Keeping the World on Time | Official Thread 2020

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FedEx Virtual is the largest cargo only VA in the Infinite Flight Skies. We strive to create a safe and welcoming space for all of our members to expand their skills, make friends, fly some cool planes, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! We were created on October 15th, 2020, and we are proud to have continuously kept the virtual world on time since then!

Here at FDXVA, we use discord as our primary source of communication. We have numerous bots that automate income, moderation, music, and giveaways.
FDXVA uses the VAbase software for our fully interactive crew center. Click the drop down list below for a full list of features.

Website Features
  • Easy Application via an integrated form.
  • Pilot Roster
  • Pilot profile customization
  • An internal message system (please use discord for communication whenever possible)
  • Multiple awards given at different stages throughout your career with us
  • Pilot management and easy access to your stats
  • An interactive map showing your last flight
  • Vast route database with 3000+ preset routes
  • The ability to fly and log routes that aren’t in the database
  • Easy route search and booking
  • A detailed dispatch center with live METAR reports and live wind information
  • An easy to use PIREP portal
  • A detailed logbook where you can find all of your previous flights

At FDXVA, we have 2 tiers of staff, the Chief Officers, and the Board of Directors. The Directors manage individual departments and are responsible for helping all members of the VA whenever able. The Chief Officers are the highest level of staff at FDXVA, and in addition to overseeing their departments, they vote on all major issues and proposals within the VA.

A Message From The Chairman

Welcome to FedEx Express Virtual!!! We are so pleased to have you a part of the team. FedEx Express Virtual is a pilot centered and geared VA. It is my goal as President to provide a fun and entertaining organization for our pilots, Yet professional. Our VA is Based out of Memphis, Tennessee. We were conceived and developed in order to fill a void in the cargo airline segment. Most virtual airlines limit their pilots by routes and fleet as per their rank. We do not! We believe that as a pilot, you deserve to fly what you like, where you like, and when you like. We also believe in the voice of the individual. Also uncommon to most other virtual airlines, we involve all members in all discussions and in all decisions. You will have a voice and say with FedEx Express Virtual. At FedEx Express Virtual, we will run polls often to get your feedback and wants. we place the highest value on our members. You are the entire reason for our being here and thus, our single most important asset. If there is ever anything that any of the board members, or I, can do for you, please let us know. And once again, Welcome aboard FedEx Express Virtual.


The position of Chairman is responsible for overseeing the operations of FDXVA, and to maintain the overall image of the group.
Jason joined FedEx Express Virtual in August 2018. He has risen through the ranks. Starting as staff with the position of Hub Manager then promoted to Hub Director in July 2019. Quickly joining the Chief team as Chief of Logistics. Serving until he was promoted to Vice Chairman.

Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the VA, as well as being the direct supervisor of the chief officer team.

Chief of Operations

The Operations Chief is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the fleet, routes, and hubs of the VA.

I have over a 20 year career in aviation ranging from small business jets up to the Boeing 737. With my knowledge of the industry and the passion that you and I share with IF we’re sure to have fun in the skies! Ask any questions you may have and welcome to the biggest, baddest cargo VA out there, FedEx Virtual!

Flight Log Chief


Events Chief

The Events Chief is responsible for creating internal and external events, and oversees the events department. In addition to events, Mateo also handles the pilot award system

Hi, I’m Mateo and I’ve been playing IF since early 2017! I’ve been a member of FDXVA since July of 2020, and I served as Events Manager and then Training Director before being promoted to Communications Chief with the opening of the new FDXVA. I’m currently serving as Flight Logs Chief. If your looking for me, you’ll probably find me flying to or from my home country of South Africa.

Operations Manager


Event Manager


Flight Log Manager


FDXVA has more than 3000 routes already in our database, and that number will keep growing as we do. From our multiple hubs all around the world, we continue to “Keep the World on Time”. Below is a list of our hubs all around the world, and a map of our largest routes from our main hubs.

North American Hubs

Memphis, Tennessee (KMEM)

Indianapolis, Indiana (KIND)r

Anchorage, Alaska (PANC)

Fort Worth, Texas (KAFW)

Greensboro, North Carolina (KGSO)

Miami, Florida (KMIA)

Newark, New Jersey (KEWR)

Oakland, California (KOAK)

Toronto, Canada (CYYZ)

San Juan, Puerto Rico (TJSJ)

European Hubs

Liege, Belgium (EBLG)

Paris, France (LFPG)

Cologne, Germany (EDDK)

Milan, Italy (LIMC)

Asian Hubs

Dubai, UAE (OMDB)

Singapore (WSSS)

Osaka, Japan (RJBB)

Seoul, South Korea (RKSI)

Taipei, Taiwan (RCTP)

Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD)

Guangzhou Baiyun (ZGGG)

Australian Hubs

Sydney, Australia (YSSY)

Codeshare Partners


FDXVA operates a wide variety of aircraft, from the small C208 to the mighty MD-11F. At FDXVA, we believe that the pilot is in charge, so we choose not to limit fleet or routes for our pilots. You can fly any aircraft, on any route, at any time!

Cessna 208 Cargomaster

The Cessna C208 is the smallest member of our fleet and is flown on our shortest flights.

Douglas DC-10F

The DC-10F is a medium to long range aircraft developed by the Douglas aircraft corporation in the 1970s.

McDonnel Douglas MD-11F

The MD-11F is a medium to long range aircraft introduced by the McDonnel Douglas corporation in the 198os as a successor to the DC-10. FedEx is the largest operator of the type.

Boeing 77F

The Boeing 77F is the largest member of the FDXVA fleet. Developed by Boeing in the late 1990s, the Boeing 777 family is the best selling widebody airliner in history.

  • You must be at least 14 years old
  • You need to be able to log at least 1 flight per month
  • You own a legal copy of Infinite Flight
  • You must have an active IFC account
  • You must have a valid email address
  • You are free of disciplinary action on the IFC
  • You are not on the IFVARB watchlist or blacklist
  • You must have a valid discord account



Founded October 15th, 2020
Commenced Operations November 3rd, 2020

FedEx Express Virtual is a virtual airline exclusively for the Infinite Flight platform. We have no affiliation with FedEx Express or any subsidiary. All FedEx Express trademarks (including logos and icons) referenced or displayed on this site remain the property of FedEx Express.


Wow! What a beatiful thread guys!! Good job


Wow nice one guys.


Wait I thought you guys ceased?

Im super happy to see FedEx Virtual back up and running!


We are back in action! 😁


Can I join with grade 2? because I really love FedEx.


Join us today!

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@Fung_Sum-sum you certainly may! We accept members from grades 2+!

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We encountered some unexpected turbulence about 2 months back, but we’re back up under new management now!


This looks cool! I may consider applying really soon

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Awesome looking thread! Seeing this makes me remember that I applied a little over a month ago but never got a response, should I fill out another application?

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@Aero there was no one processing applications at that time. We’re a completely separate VA from the FDXVA that existed a month ago (we are using a different website system as well). If your still interested in joining, then yes you will need to fill out another application


Finally here, omg. It’s back and better guys. A VA must join.

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I’m so glad I’m part of this VA!!


Delighted to be back 👌 well done FedEx


Yes! You can join FedEx Virtual with grade 2.

can i summit again because i wrote wrong the IFC name?

Please. That would be awesome.

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you should be getting email shortly.