FedEx VA West Coast Haul @ PANC - 111800ZJAN18

FedEx Virtual Airlines welcomes all pilots to join us on the expert server for a haul from PANC to KOAK! Bring your favorite plane in the FedEx livery as we enjoy the services from IFATC. Since this event will be during the IFATC normal controlling schedule, we will not be taking or giving gate assignments (there is no way to ensure yours will not be filled by a nonparticipating pilot), but we encourage all that are interested to join the conversation here! Lets get these gates filled with FedEx colors and enjoy the flight down south to sunny California! Come join the premier cargo VA on Thursday!

Server Expert

Spawn PANC Cargo

Destination KOAK

Time 1800Z 13 JAN

Message our event coordinator, @jmwilliams17 if you have any questions!


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