Fedex’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hi! Welcome to my ATC tracking thread!
I’m here to practice my ATC skills to get ready for the practical exam!
I hope you can give me a feedback! Thanks!

  • Status: CLOSED

  • Freq: Ground/Tower

  • Server: Training

  • Runway in use: 17R/17L

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I am coming !

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Thank you!

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Feedback from I-FATC

  1. Nice Transition

  2. Umm You issued to me The First inbound for Entering Left Downwind RWY 17L.
    I think (Just My Opinion)
    “Enter Right Downwind RWY 17L” would be more Convenient for Pilot.

  3. Fantastic Pattern Instructions for Rwy Change.

Overall, there are no Issue from me

I hope to see you in the IFATC.


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Thanks for your feedback!

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