Fedex’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LIMC

Welcome to Fedex’s ATC Thread

(For departing aircraft: Unless you are flying patterns, please file your flight plan before contacting ATC.)


Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are planning on doing touch&gos/patterns! Otherwise, please use the “departing north, south, east, west" or "straight out”

Airport: LIMC
Server: Training
Runways: 17L/17R
Aircraft Size Restrictions: GA aircraft non accepted

Let me know any error or question and pls give me some feedback!!

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Voice ATC is not permitted, as it has been banned from the IFC for the indeterminate future.


Oh sry thanks

Hello I’m opening in 5 minutes at LIMC (Milan Malpensa) on TS, if u want to fly some patterns u are very welcome

Feel free to join and give some feedback!!

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