FedEx routes to YSSY

Hello folks, I come to you in a time of great need. I’m attempting to find some routes to fly into Sydney tomorrow and I’m in the mood to voyage with FedEx. Looking at FlightRadar24, the route map only seems to show scheduled flights within the United States, despite there being FedEx aircraft flying around the globe. I then decided to consult Wikipedia as another resource, finding these scheduled flights to Sydney from FedEx.


I'm interested in the long haul routes from Los Angeles and Guangzhou, and Honolulu for my overnight selection. So far doing additional research I have found FedEx flies their MD11 on their Guangzhou to Sydney route (On second look it may be a 777 as well), but they also operate a 777 to Sydney but I'm not sure on what routes. That being said, is anyone aware of or can direct me to where I can find information on these 3 long haul routes? Thank you.
2 Likes I think is amazing for finding real world routes

Found some here:

Looks like HNL to SYD is on the 777


I also use
I’m not sure if it works for Cargo operators but for sure it does for airlines.

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