FedEx Retire Last Active MD-10-10F

Well sadly, it’s the end of an era. FedEx have retired the final MD-10-10F in active service, there are no more flying anywhere in the world.

Here’s the full article:


Not the MD-10!!! At least we have MD-11s, but the last real DC-10 is gone now. So sad.


Rest in peace, you’ll be remembered with this video


Well, this is it. The days of the DC-10 are drawing to a close, man this is sad.

So long ol’ girl, we’ll miss you!


😭 I already filled a bucket of tears


Jokes on you guys there’s a thing called the KC-10


Headed (Moving) to California on the 26th, i’ll be stopping by VCV on the way there, hopefully I can see one and take photos of it :(


Yes, but there’s no more commercial DC10 anymore.

Sad to see it go…
Truly an end of an era, an iconic trijet that shaped the early years of long-haul widebody flight.
You will be missed!

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Only the -10s are retired, with the -30s in 2 years. Still this aircraft deserves a cannon salute.

The MD-10 is still flying, 13 active 10-30s

Just the last MD10-10 left the fleet

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There haven’t been any active commercial DC-10s in a while, all the remaining ones (15 I believe) are MD10-30s (Orbis, TAB, FDX) plus the KC10s, 10 Tanker DC10s (I wouldn’t call those commercial), and Omega Air Tanker


The MD-10 is just an upgrade to a glass cockpit in order to share similarities between it and the MD-11, so it is part of the DC10 family.


Yes and no.

The MD10 is a post production derivative of the DC10, and like you said, the DC10 is long gone from commercial service. But the MD10-30 lives on.

FedEx has not retired the MD-10 entirely as the post says, just the older -10s.

So you were right that there are no more commercial DC10s, but there are still over a dozen MD10s in active service.


No. It was the last MD-10

Again…you are just reading a vague title and running with it…
It’s the last MD-10-10, and like I said there are over a dozen MD-10-30s left.

Same basic aircraft with certain improvements (i.e A359 vs A359ULR)


Such a shame, but the march of consumer tech makes these guys obsolete.

At least the -30 series will still be flying for a bit longer. Cool to know N306FE will still be flying, even if its just a for a little while

Very sad by this but at least there is the MD10-30F variant.

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That looks like lax. I’m so sad that they are retiring this aircraft.

Both of those reference the last MD-10-10F, how is that supposed to disprove what @Jetcentric says that it’s the last of the subtype and the MD-10-30(F) is still active? 🤔