Fedex MD-11F overshoots runway at Mumbai

This Wednesday at around 0640Z, a Fedex MD-11F almost overshot the runway at Mumbai. During the time, Cyclone Nisarga brought a lot of rain and heavy winds to the airport, causing a lot of crosswind and loss of traction on the runway. The aircraft overshot the runway by approximately 9 meters, and turned left before coming to a stop. Thankfully no one was hurt when this occurred, and no damage was to be reported on the aircraft. The airport quickly towed the aircraft off of the runway to investigate, allowing traffic to flow through the airport as usual.

They initially planned on having no arrivals/departures from 2000Z-0030Z, however the Fedex flight landed two hours before the plan began, at 0644Z

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This isn’t a major incident thankfully, that being said I don’t think it needs reporting here. Pretty uneventful.