FedEx MD-11- A underused Aircraft and Livery

I forgot the love I had for the MD-11 in IF. It’s exterior look is stunning, and it is the only cargo aircraft with actions. Today, I took my former favorite on another flight.


Aircraft: MD-11
Callsign: FedEx 817
Route: Paris - Memphis
Flight Time: 10:47
Server: Expert

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Nice shots, the MD-11 is my favorite longhauler in IF, just a joy to fly as it is different to the others, I just love it :)

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Nice photos!

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I do too, with how advanced it was for its time in IF, it should have been used more.

MD-11f is a great aircraft, probably my most flown aircraft on IF. Great photos 👌

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I did a flight with the UPS MD-11 just the other day and I gotta say the MD-11 and DC-10 is definitely an underrated gem in IF! I feel like a lot of people overlook these planes since the passenger variants are no longer in service and they are primarily used for cargo.

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