FedEx MD-10 At KLIT

Recently my home airport of LIT got a FedEx MD-10 diversion from Salt Lake City. The airplane which was involved was N303FE which comes in at 46 years old. The airplane diverted to LIT due to inaccessible fuel. Per my buddy down there, mechanics are on there way to fix the airplane from Memphis. Here are a few pictures on it at Super TAC. ALL photos are from my friend James who gave me permission to post.


Holy moly! That it so cool! Pretty rare plane to get in. That cockpit looks so cool and those pictures are super awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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So cool! What magnificent pictures too, the editing really lights up the sky.

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Nice pictures! It’s not everyday you get to see the cockpit of a MD-10. Thanks for sharing :)

Those pictures are kLIT!

Not mine. There from a friend

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Now that’s pretty kLIT to see one of those, cool opportunity and nice photos (your friend) got.

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