FedEx liveries?

What plane does Fedex have? Can’t seem to find one.

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Do you mean what airplane models they have?

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In infinite flight we have the:

  • 777-200f
  • DC-10F (Retro livery)
  • MD-11F
  • C208

In real life they fly the:

  • Airbus A300-600RF
  • Airbus A310-300F
  • Boeing 757-200SF
  • Boeing 767-300ERF
  • Boeing 777F
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-10-10F
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-10-30F
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11F
  • ATR 42-300F
  • ATR 72-200F
  • Cessna 208B Super Cargomaster

Yes that’s correct those are the models and the livery’s 👍🏽

Is there the FedEx Cessna

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I think so yes

I think it’s the Cessna 208 caravan

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Yes I think that’s correct

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