Fedex in the 80s

You’re here, at the end of RWY 18C at MEM, you’re hearing the powerful General Electric CF6-50C engines of a DC10, taking off right next to you, while drinking your morning coffee reading the Washington Post.

You’re running to your Polaroid camera and take this pic

@FedExVirtual , agree with this?


Awesome pictures, the ‘80s looked like a good time to live. Really set the scene with the description you put. It’s a nice looking livery as well. I really hope MEM becomes 3D


Thanks fellow @AviatorVJ ! Appreciate words you put in my little work

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Wow so amazing

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Thank you very much

I realized that, this is an incredible profile picture idea! If you want to use it, you’re free

That’s an awesome picture!

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This is beautiful! Used it as my card background!


I appreciate that!

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Thank you for the contribution!

I love these Back-In-Time posts you do! Keep making more, we all like them! Nice dc-10 btw, I miss the Fedex “Purple Top” livery!

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Thank you man! I surely enjoy making them too:)

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