FedEx "Heavy" Spotting

Hello IFC,
This afternoon I took my girlfriend down to Memphis International and watched the beginning of fedexs afternoon push. There was a decent amount of traffic and saw many heavys take off

IMG_9908 IMG_9940 IMG_9944


Lucky your girlfriend actually wants to do that. I don’t have a girlfriend specifically because I would want to do that:(


Can a man have a better dream? 🤔


Sometimes you get lucky in life and I certainly did.


Total plane nerd. More than me

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You are the first person I’ve met on this community that (to my knowledge) has a girlfriend that would even think about doing this. Mine despises airplanes for some reason.

Mine loves airplanes and ALWAYS wants to go. She will jump up and down and screams when she sees one

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Mine threw up after her first O Flight in Civil Air Patrol, so that’s cool. I love her a lot though!

Mine only does jets, no pistons for certain reasons but got to move a girl who will support our “habits”

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Wow, those are really cool pictures. I’m glad FedEx is still using the MD11F

Just make it a boys day thing

Very nice. Good days spotting

@anon63583419 you should do that.

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