FedEx Heavies plus a Rare!

Hello IFC, Today in the way home from Mississippi I decided to stop at the cell phone parking lot! It was FedEx rush hour so there was a lot of heavies! Enjoy!


Yay! I love it when people spot at my home airport. Nice pics too!


I’m always around. I live 2 hours away so once or twice a month I’m there to spot

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Great 💪 ! I really like cargo planes (and commercial, too😆)

Swift Air isn’t a commercial airline, they’re a charter airline

Memphis has a good mixture of both

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@Altaria55 was talking to @anon99275236 😉

Those are some awesome shots! Love the swiftair!

🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ My bad.


cool pics!. The Swift Air’s looks pretty cool.

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It was very cool to see

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Cool to see Swift Air, haven’t ever seen one of their planes before. And the FedEx planes look cool too.

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Nice to see some cargo planes for a change, I love your pics of the FedEx MD-11 there awesome!

Thanks! The captain actually waved at me as I was taking his picture

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Swift air is new to memphis. Im a frequent spotter there.

I’m there every month at least twice. This looked like a charter to me.

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Those are some FedExcellent photos! @N1DG

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I’m actually super excited that we’re going to have a weekly Swift Air this summer, it’s a cool plane to see…

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Thanks I appreciate it

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