FedEx from SJPC

Last night, I embarked on a short long haul, from SJPC (Lima) to KMEM, our hub for the day. I love the way the 777-200F looks even though it isn’t reworked. It’s a very proportional plane and is pretty fun to fly.

Cruise for this flight was FL320 as suggested by Our flight plan took us up the west coast of South America, over Central America and into the Gulf of Mexico where we transitioned over Alabama to the HOB3RK (That may not be the correct term for the STAR but it’s close :) arrival into Tennessee. Cruise speed was fast, at .81 because I had other flights planned for today.

Beautiful sunrise over the cargo ramp 🌞

Just one picture this time. If I get time I’ll look through the replay later and grab some more!

Good day all