Fedex Express Virtual presents September 11 memorial event @KIAD-1615zSEP11

Fedex Express Virtual presents a memorial event for the tragic events on September 11, 2001. This is my first event as FDXV’s events director, so I am hoping it will turn out fun. We are going to have a moment of silence before we pushback to honor the many people who died one this day. More flight info and gate assignments will be posted soon.

Server: Training

Route: KIAD to KJFK and please spawn 5-10 minutes before event

Departing runways: 08c for airliners and freighters, and fighters runway 30

FPL: Copy my flight plan before depart

Speed: m.85
Alt: FL220
VS: 3000

Aircraft: Any FedEx frieghter, only one of each of the United and American 757 and 767s, or any fighter excluding the FA 18.

FedEx, American and United Staff reserved gates:

Stand R19: @Jack_Q

Stand R17: @Calib_Wilson

Stand R15:

Stand R13:

Stand R11:

Stand R09:

Stand R07:

Stand R05:

Stand R03:

Fighter gates

Stand R16:

Stand R14:

Stand R12:


Ground and tower:

Ground and tower:

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Please check this link on how to properly format your event and the title;)

Also, I think it would be best if this event was held on the Expert Server, given the seriousness of the topic. It would be a shame and frankly disrespectful for a memorial flight to fly into JFK on TS and have aircraft flying and taxiing into each other.

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This way we can have ATC, or can that also be possible on expert server? Im sorry I new with these type of IFC posts

I’m Changing the format

There is a chance you will have ATC at JFK on the training server, but the service will most likely be bad quality unless you offer ATC slots for people on the IFC that want to control the event.

Also, JFK almost always has bad pilots that don’t follow directions anyway so ATC might not make a difference. I personally believe the event should be held on the expert server, regardless of whether there is ATC or not (This week there won’t be). It will be a much more professional and respectful flight

Accidentally hit send on this can you delete this topic so I can make a new one?

It has been closed and unlisted.