FedEx express virtual presents- Japan in July COMPLETED


Can’t wait @Chris_Ridgell . Think it will be around 2am here but I’m coming


Couldn’t have said it better Chris!


Thanks for taking such a late time to do this event! We’re sure you’ll love it!


I’m in,

Cargo 039 - @Adam_Macaulay MD-11F Fedex 976

Can’t wait - for us east costers that would be 14th 9:30PM EST if I am correct.

Looking forward to it,


Awesome!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


@Ankytrix what aircraft will you be flying?


I’ll on Cargo East 501, with MD-11F and my callsign will be FedEx 013 1, plss!


Gates are filling up and it’s gonna be one beautiful and exciting flight! Gate your gate now!


You’re all set! Hope to see you there!


Can you sign me up plz,I will take 77F with callsign FedEx 0528,thx buddy!


I would like the MD-11.


Ha sorry I seem to have missed it :)


Hurry to get your gates for this Japanese event!


Wow I’ll join in ,can I have cargo gate 504? I would use MD-11F. FDX0527


Can I join this event @ cargo gate 404?
I will use a b777F FDX829


You both are all set! Enjoy!


Please select a different gate, 504 doesn’t exist for this event :)


which gate still available ?


You can see which gates are available in the main post 🙂


all right I 'll use EAST 406 (FDX MD-11F my callsign is FedEx0527) thx!