FedEx express virtual presents- Japan in July COMPLETED


Super glad to have your here, mell
And what aircraft would you like


Awesome thank you!
See you then!


Absolutely, Joel. And what call sign would you like


You got it! What about call sign?


I’d love to participate buut i’ll be in Japan IRL sooo, i won’t be able to attend, but i wish the best to all of you :)


No problem @Captain_JR ! Hopefully we can catch you for our next event! Have a fun time in Japan!!


My callsign is FedEx 5.


I would like the MD-11 And Im FedEx 4😋


I can do RJBB Approach @Sammy_Droubi


Thank you! Approach is all yours!


Can I get FedEx 99 please


Absolutely! And what aircraft will you be flying? B-77F, MD-11 or DC-10


I would like to fly the 77F


aircraft will be 737-900


aircraft 737-900. Call Sign GKM7 and cargo gate 40.


Unfortunately, you must choose a FedEx aircraft only for this event. Your choices are the Boeing 777-200F, the MD-11, or the DC-10.


Get your gates for this event! Hope to see you all there!


Can I have a gate please. MD-11 @Sammy_Droubi


Ok i will Fly 777-200F


Can I get a gate for me and my gorgeous MD-11! This is going to be, yet again, a great flight! Awesome aircraft, amazing ATC, phenomenal pilots, and an excellent event! Just doesn’t get much better than that!