FedEx express virtual presents- Japan in July COMPLETED


Join FedEx express virtual as we fly to Japan to stop and smell the cherry blossoms! We are celebrating Japan in July by flying from RJTT-RJBB! We decided to stray from the usual fourth of july events and be a little abstract, and hope you join us!
Join us!

Server: Training

Airport: RJTT

Region: Japan

Time: July 15, 2018 3:30 AM (Europe: Paris), July 14, 2018 6:30 PM (America: Los Angeles)
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NOTAM: We will depart RJTT from runways 16L and R, cruising altitude, FPL, and speed will be given in group dm, we will arrive runways 24 R/L or whatever atc tells us depending on the wind
when requesting your gate please specify what aircraft and your call sign. Thanks!

if you are interested in being ATC, please comment below!


Ground/tower- @Calib_Wilson
departure- @baxy380

ground/tower- @baxy380
Approach- @Calib_Wilson


Cargo 031- @TheCoolPilot - MD-11F FedEx 2
Cargo 032- @Sammy_Droubi - MD-11F FedEx 3
Cargo 033- @Mell_Ijzerman - MD-11F FedEx 5
Cargo 034- @Ankytrix - MD-11F- FedEx 5
Cargo 035- @Jerseyant - MD-1F - FedEx 1609
Cargo 036- @jacobkarna - B77F FedEx 186
Cargo 505- @Chris_Ridgell - MD-11F FedEx 1
Cargo 506- RESERVED
Cargo 507- RESERVED

Cargo 037- @Colin_Bondi - B77F FedEx1967
Cargo 038- @Joel1973 - B77F FedEx 99
Cargo 039- @Adam_Macaulay - MD-11F Fedex 976
Cargo 040- @stevo - B-77F - GKM7
Cargo 041- @Karin_Wong - B77F - FedEx 0528
Cargo EAST V1- @capmatt - B77F - FedEx 298
Cargo EAST V2
Cargo EAST 408
Cargo EAST407
EAST 406- @Sean_Zhang - MD-11F - FedEx 0527
EAST 405- @harmyd - DC-10F - FedEx 45
EAST 404- @Toshiki - B77F - FedEx 829
EAST 403
EAST 402
EAST 401- @ChunK - MD-11F - FedEx 013 1

more gates will be added upon need
follow ALL ATC instructions

FedEx virtual takes no responsibility for any violations received during this event

FedEx Express Virtual is Open! | Recruiting Pilots!
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@Sammy_Droubi can I be RJTT ground/tower please.


ground and tower is yours!


Thanks heaps. This is yet again going to be an amazing event.


I’ll take cargo 031 and come in the DC-10 please! Super excited for this event!


031 is all yours! MD-11 is a personal favorite


Thanks @Sammy_Droubi ! The MD-11 is a beast! Can’t wait!


I will take 036 in the 77F please, can’t wait!


038 is all yours! enjoy!


Can I get gate 37 or 38, I’ll be in the FedEx 777 as FedEx 1967 heavy…


I would love to but the time zone strikes again! ☹️


It’s all yours! Enjoy the event!


Can I please have Cargo 038?


Oop,sorry on Jul 14 I’m ACTUALLY flying to Tokyo(not lying) will fly on United can’t make it because I think the connection won’t work.


Remember to get your gate for this beautiful short hop across Japan!


Sign me up! Awesome FDX

FedEx 4


I’ll Take RJTT Departure and RJBB Ground/Tower. Cheers :)


Please can i have the Cargo 040.callsign GKM7


Sign me up! I’ll take the MD-11.


I’ll take gate 38 I’ll come in a 777F