FedEx Express Virtual | Now Recruiting Pilots | VA updates!


i did it likes its a week now


Just like Dan said. Once we have your application, give us 24-48 hours to respond.


I just sent you a direct message. Please be sure to check your messages and follow up with me there. Thanks.


We just had some awesome changes happen! We would love too see people join! Check us out


Still with FedEx! :D What a awesome VA


Good i was hoping you still would be!


Hey can someone pm the link to the discord server as my other account is disabled. @Mell_Ijzerman @Chris_Ridgell @FedEx_Virtual


I meant to say on here please thanks heaps



I wouldn’t recommend putting out a public invite link on IFC because you have now just opened up a path for trolls to enter the VA.

Just something to consider :)

Transport Hub


Normally I wouldn’t. That was on me because I wasn’t paying attention. Having a real paying job with a mean boss can do that to a person but thanks for pointing out the error just the same.


Just filled the form


We are recruiting pilots! So Lets join this awesome VA :D


I apply 5 days ago and I have no one notification from the staff


PM @Chris_Ridgell and he’ll probaly get back to you pretty quickly


Please standy by as we alert the correct staff for this

Thank You
Dan, FedEx Flight Director


Come and join this rapidly growing VA full of amazing people!

Jeremy, FDXV - Check Pilot.


My apologies for the longer than usual delay. You will be receiving an email directly.


What’s the minimum grade for this VA?


There isn’t any restriction to my knowledge.


That is correct, we have no grade requirements.