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We are an IFVARB certified VA


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image Welcome to FedEx Express Virtual! image

Welcome to FedEx Express Virtual, one of the fastest growing virtual airlines in the community! We offer dedicated freight routes as well as the flexibility to allow our pilots to fly routes of their own making, a friendly and encouraging environment where there are pilots and staff members online or available most hours of the day. Our pilots and staff live and are representing us all over the world! Join today and come to experience the difference that a pilot centred VA offers!

image Our Promise

To provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our members to learn and grow our knowledge and passion for aviation. To uphold the highest standards set forth by the IFC, IFVARB, and IFATC. To be positive influences and contributors to the Infinite Flight Community as well as our membership. To be free from bias, judgment, discrimination, and malice. To always be caring and respectful of others in all interactions whether it be in private forum or public. Endeavor to help those who need it, give guidance for those who request it, and be understanding of all who pass before us. To all of this, we affirm are our core values and mission.

image Our Fleet

Our fleet is based on the real-life FedEx fleet, to give our pilots the most realistic experience possible. Our fleet consists of 4 types of aircraft, from our short-hopping Cessna 208 to the ultra long-range Boieng 777F. Here at FedEx, we have an aircraft for everyone.

Boeing 777-200F

Cessna 208






Boeing 757-200

Only availabe for airframe purchasing.

Boeing 767-300

Only availabe for airframe purchasing.

Boeing 747-400

Only availabe for airframe purchasing.

image Our Staff

Chairman: @Chris_Ridgell
Vice Chairman: @Ankytrix
CEO: @Sammy_Droubi
CFO: @Noxiousbeast
Executive Director: @Mell_Ijzerman
Hub Director: @Calib_Wilson
Events Director: @Jack_Q
Chief Pilot: @jacobkarna

Not an official member of staff but a huge thanks to @Charles_Fosbroke who is our Technical Advisor and makes sure everything tech related is running well!

image Our operations

We provide our pilots with the best platforms and systems out there. Only the best of the best. With a sophisticated VAM enabling our pilots to log flights, book routes, check live weather data, manage their finances and so much more, FedEx Express Virtual ranks among the most advanced VA’s in Infinite flight.

To find out more about our operations, head over to our website or contact us via our IFC account, @FedEx_Virtual.

image The FedEx ATC Program

Our ATC program allows our pilots to get trained and tested by certified IFATC members and then control airports requested by FedEx members. Our FedEx certified controllers also handle ATC matters for all our FedEx events! This project gives our pilots an opportunity to grow their skills as Air Traffic Controllers. Applicants for the ATC program will undergo a short test before being fully certified as a FedEx air traffic controller.

image Pilot ranks

We do not place any restrictions on what aircraft our pilots can fly based on their rank. A third officer can fly any aircraft in our fleet.

Third officer (0-16 hours)
Second officer (17-29 hours)
First officer (30-50 hours)
Captain (51-75 hours)
Senior captain (75+ hours)

image Communications


After testing with several other platforms, FedEx made its official communication platform, Discord.
Having experience with Slack, Discord and TeamSpeak 3, we chose Discord for our VA due to the flexibility and superior performance. With the ability to run all text and voice communications on one app and organise our communications the best, we find Discord to be the best. We have even have our own personal Discord Bot!

image Social media

FedEx express virtual uses 2 social media platforms to post awesome pictures from our pilots, events and announcements. Make sure to follow us for all the latest FDX updates!

FedEx Virtual’s Twitter page!

FedEx Virtual’s Instagram page!

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Established May 4th 2018

[Finished] (33 Attending 37 Gates left), {Departed!!! }, Racing at the Crossroads of America!! | A Large Airport Flyout/ With a FedEx VA group flight to KEWR!! [@KIND- 271900ZDEC18]
[Finished] (33 Attending 37 Gates left), {Departed!!! }, Racing at the Crossroads of America!! | A Large Airport Flyout/ With a FedEx VA group flight to KEWR!! [@KIND- 271900ZDEC18]
FedEx Express Virtual Presents: Amazing Barna! @LFPG - 101300ZNOV18

Awesome new thread! Great to be here and work with the staff and 100+/- pilots!


Loving the new thread!


Great thread
Very nice to see a cargo VA climbing up very fast.
I may consider when I do every route at DLVA,who knows when that will happen haha
But seriously wish u guys best of luck and hope to see FedEx Virtual as one of the best 😎


Thank you! Your comments really mean a lot to us. We hope to see you soon!


5 pilots joined in less than 12 hours of our new thread release

105 pilots in our roster

3 months old

More than 30 new pilots a month

1 new pilot every day


Airframe purchasing!

A brand new, never seen before way, to fly the FDX fleet.

We are proud to announce the new airframe purchasing system which helps us complete the rest of the FedEx fleet!

How it works

Our airframe purchasing system is available to all senior captains. All pilots who have reached the rank of senior captain can purchase the 747 and 757 and 767. With money collected in our #gameroom (either by playing games or saving up your daily earnings) in Discord, pilots can purchase these aircraft that they will personally own. The prices are available upon joining. When pilots purchase an aircraft, they can name it AND choose a tail number for the new aircraft.

How it benefits us

This new project allows us to expand our day-to-day operations. With these new aircraft come new routes and whole new oppurtunities for FedEx Express Virtual.

So what are you waiting for, join now to learn more and start flying the rest of the FedEx fleet.


AAwesome to see the fleet growing! :)


New updates!

Check-ride system

Our new check-ride system is aimed towards boosting pilot proficiency and professionalism but at the same time, not putting too much stress on them. The check ride consists of a short practical assessment where pilots must match certain criteria in order to be qualified or exceptionally qualified (fails are given in extremely rare circumstances and are almost never used). The check ride is valid for 180 days before pilots must take them again.

A training division

Our training division, led by the FedEx Virtual staff allows our pilots to learn more about the aircraft we fly and increase their flying knowledge. With QRH’s’, checklists, speed guides and more, our pilots always have something to refer to while flying!

Join now to experience all these new updates and so much more!


Can i sign up if possible


Awesome new features!😀 great


Hey guys at FedEx VA! I just want to let you know that I just joined, hope to see you soon at any events


Sounds great! We are looking forward to it! Welcome aboard!


Miss you guys! Hopefully i will be back one day


We sure hope so Dan! We miss you too buddy! Check your DM! 😉


We are getting big! :D i love FedEx!


I applied to you VA…


Awesome man! You wil get response as soon as posible!


and I’m entering my second day of waiting on my application.


Ill inform staff sorry about this! :)