FedEx Express Virtual is Open! | Recruiting Pilots!


Proud to be the newest CEO of FedEx!


We are extremely happy to have you aboard. Welcome to the team.


Join one of the most active VA’s out there RIGHT NOW!


This looks great! Best of luck to the VA.


Remember to join our super active community! Click on out website for more information.


In light of the recent changes regarding VA leadership roles, we have made changes to our staff to fill the vacancies left due to the new rules. Please join me in congratulating @TheCoolPilot and @Sammy_Droubi for their dedication and hard work ensuring that FedEx Express Virtual carries one. @TheCoolPilot will be assuming the role of a Vice Chairman filling the vacancy left by my friend and our co-founder @Charles_Fosbroke. @Sammy_Droubi will be assuming the role of CEO. Again, please join me in congratulating these two and wishing them all of the best in their new positions of leadership.


Good luck to all! So sorry we had to leave =(


Amazing to be vice chairman! I promise to meet the standards that @Charles_Fosbroke has set and make FedEx virtual the best VA out there!


I just sent in my application to be a pilot!


Awesome, we will review it and get back to you soon!


Welcome to the team @TomAZ ! Our newest pilots!


Also we would like to welcome @Mell_Ijzerman as the latest member of staff. He has proven himself as an excellent and knowledgable pilot and has received the well deserved position of Operations Manager. He will manage the day-to-day operations with all other staff and contribute a lot to FedEx Express Virtual! We expect great things so let’s congratulate @Mell_Ijzerman on getting the job!


Thanks and the FedEx is a great place! I wil get my briefing this saturday.


I really appreciate all the help and welcomes I have already received from the staff!


We totally understand. All the best Mark.


It’s our pleasure and welcome aboard!


Ahh, I really want to join but I dislike discord! Slack is usually used for most VA’s but I assume some prefer other communication which is totally fine!


Slack has many limitations and once you join, you will like Discord better. It has more functionality, flexibility and is more customizable. Try it…I used to hate Discord.


@Charles_Fosbroke is a living ad I swear


Welcome @Natal_Gabriel as our 20th pilot at FedEx express virtual! This is a great milestone of 20 pilots and we will continue to grow and grow! (: