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image Welcome to FedEx Express Virtual! image

After FedEx Virtual closed down, it left a void, and we decided to fill that void and open a new FedEx Express Virtual! Come join the fun as we fly around the country and the world delivering packages. To join, either go to our website and click Join Us, or click the Join Us link on our thread.

image Our Mission

To provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our members to learn and grow our knowledge and passion for aviation. To uphold the highest standards set forth by the IFC, IFVARB, and IFATC. To be positive influences and contributors to the Infinite Flight Community as well as our membership. To be free from bias, judgment, discrimination, and malice. To always be caring and respectful of others in all interactions whether it be in private forum or public. Endeavor to help those who need it, give guidance for those who request it, and be understanding of all who pass before us. To all of this, we affirm are our core values and mission.

image Our Aircraft

Cessna 208 Caravan


McDonnell Douglas MD11F


McDonnell Douglas DC10F

Boeing 777-200F


image Our Staff

Chairman: @Chris_Ridgell
Vice Chairman: @TheCoolPilot
CEO: @Sammy_Droubi
Board of Directors: @Mell_Ijzerman, @Ankytrix, @mjpotts777, @Flying_Potato

image Our Ranking System

Third Officer (0-16 hours / $250/hr)
Second Officer (17-29 hours / $750/hr)
First Officer (30-50 hours / $1250/hr)
Captain (51-75 hours / $1750/hr)
Senior Captain (75+ hours / $2250/hr)

image FedEx Express Virtual Operations

Our State-of-the-Art VAM system allows pilots to book routes, file PIREPs and even use our Auto-PIREP system, making logging flights a breeze. To see what our VAM looks like go here

image How we communicate download-1

Having experience with Slack, Discord and TeamSpeak 3, we chose Discord for our VA due to the flexibility and superior performance. With the ability to run all text and voice communications on one app, we find Discord to be the best. We have even have our own personal Discord Bot.

If you have any questions, you can send us an email here

Big thanks to Porter Virtual Airline for the banner idea

This project is one of the biggest steps that FedEx Express Virtual has taken since it’s opening. With an ever growing pilot count and a high demand, FDX virtual decided something must be done to keep up with those growing demands and maintain our high standards. With that, we present Project “Plan”. The project plan will allow pilots to fly with some of the highest amounts of realism on par with any VA in Infinite Flight in addition to giving our pilots more opportunities for advancement and promotion within our VA. The project plan has 4 phases to create the most enjoyable flying experience. Imagine a pre-made flight plan for 160 flights, imagine a specified cruise altitude for 160 routes, well that’s about to get real.

Phase One

Phase one is our first step to finishing Project “Plan”. To get Project “Plan” going, we need more staff. Our first step will be hiring Regional Managers who will have a huge role to play in this project and the further development of FDX Virtual. Hub Managers will be posted in several regions around the world which are: Canada and Alaska, North America, Europe, and Asia (Asia managers may also handle Oceania). Phase one will be solely focused on the recruitment and training of all Hub Managers.

Phase Two

Phase 2 is probably the most important and significant part of Project “plan”. Phase 2 will be making sure that every single route has a detailed flight plan. You heard it, every 160 routes will have a flight plan! Hub Managers will assist in this project and we estimate that from start of Phase 2, it could take several months until completion. Phase 2 will also see assigning specific cruising speeds and altitudes for all flights in addition to developing additional routes, fleet acquisitions, and pilot organization within the region.

Phase Three

Phase 3 is being finalized by our staff and will be released shortly, but the job won’t stop there for our Hub Managers They have lots more to do…lots more

Phase Four

Phase four planning stage has been completed. More information coming shortly. Check back often!


When did the other FedEx VA close down didn’t it just open like 3 or 4 months Ago?


They opened in December of 2017 and closed on March 15th. If I’m not mistaken.


Definitely interested in a staff position here


I might consider taking CEO or a staff position! Are there any requirements??


We are always interested in knowledgeable and experienced staff members. PM us if you would like to discuss the possibilities further.


I also see CEO is lower than Chairman so what exactly is the role of the CEO in this case?

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That all depends on what you are looking for. PM me and we can discuss the opportunities and functions.


Will do!! Give me about 15 minutes and I’ll send u guys a PM!


That’s fast 3 months.


I would be interested in being a pilot for FedEx sent the email


Sent in an application!! The VA looks great! ✈️✈️


REALLY happy to be the Personnel Manager here at FedEx Express Virtual


I was one of the members of the original FDXVA


10 pilots already, now that’s called a strong start!


That reminds me of nice days


Yep. Be sure to check out our website and possibly join!


Our first Reference Tables are ready and keep a look out for them on the site!


Lets welcome our newest pilot @Ankytrix to the team!!


Haven’t got time for a 14 hour flight from Memphis to Japan. Worry no more, with our 15 minute Cessna 208 hops!