FedEx Express Boeing 727-200F

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The B727 is a narrow body mid size trijet produced by Boeing. The B727 was Boeing’s first and probably last trijet. It was a huge commercial success and is still used today as freighters. Although FedEx Express in June of 2013 retired it’s last 727. The only and last airline that still operated this aircraft is Iran Aseman Airlines. Who operates three B727s. It’s sad to see these old birds go but if they where to come to IF I think there should really be a FedEx livery. It fits nicely and looks very good.

Single images on feature requests please buddy and don’t forget to vote for your own request!


Got it. Thanks for the help

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No problem my friend, if you ever have may questions then feel free to fire them at me.

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Awesome maybe something for after the TBM :D

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Definetly. I hope that in the next update they do what they did for the dc10/md11 and hold a pole to vote the next plane will be. Hopefully a 727 ;)


Such a beautiful bird, I always remember seeing them blast out of KMIA, too bad they don’t anymore. They were such loud planes. Would love to see the 72 implemented into the Sim.


I would love to see a Fedx in a 727
727 is an aircraft that I’d love to see added
727 is an incredible bird by boeing

Just an FYI, an identical request got closed a few hrs ago: FedEx Boeing 727F

Irrelevant when you look at the details. No replies for 2 years and zero votes.

If that got 0 votes in 2 years, how many will this get? No rudeness intended.

No offence to the OP, this is a well made request

No harm in trying, there’s obviously appetite here looking at the replies.

We can carry this conversation on in DM so we don’t stray the thread if you want bud 👍

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I think the 727 is not so necessary, but my opinion isn’t important, I think it would be more effective if you will make a feature of the 727 and not liveries

At least to have 3 trijets. Since if only has 2

Never stop flying it

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