FedEx Express | ANC-MEM | Boeing 777-200F

Hey IFC!
This was probably the most enjoyable and scenic flight I have taken a while. I want to dedicate this topic to the CEO of FDXV, @Chris_Ridgell, I flew for them for over a year and it was quite an awesome experience. Alright! Time for some Deercrushing

Server: Expert

Callsign: FedEx 5986 Heavy

Route: Ted Stevens Anchorage PANC - Menphis KMEM

Here we go!
Our ride for today

Our friend @DeerCrusher who took off just minutes after me bound for KATL. I hope you had a safe flight!

Blasting out of Anchorage

The 77F crew area is decent, but it’s definitely not as good as the 748 cargo area, as they get the whole hump! I can imagine they spend hours up there while in the air betting millions on poker. I see a coffee maker in the corner, I wonder if IF’s coffee is any good

The main feature of this topic, the most beautiful state in the USA, Alaska!

A cool area I flew thru a few months ago, I made a topic about that here.

Oh man


Skipping ahead, here is the sunset

Buttery night landing in MEM! Time to go unload them boxes

Takeoff and landing movie

Plus two extras
Airbus A321 realsounds departure from DEN (credits to Sam from UVAL for donating the sound)

Airbus A330 realsounds departure from AMS

I hope y’all enjoyed!

Hey there! I love that shot of DeerCrusher’s tag but unfortunately we cannot include HUD, ta-

oh maa gawd thats amazing

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I only included HUD on one photo just so people could see Deercrusher’s beautiful purple name tag, I hope that was ok


Why didn’t anyone watch the realsounds videos? They are so cool

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Beautiful photos! I love the real sound videos. That is my specialty!

Oh yeah @KSS your realsounds videos are legendary

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@Jack_Q Thank you😊