Fedex/DHL C208 routes?

Does anyone know what routes can I make with the C208 of these two companies on IF?


I suggest you join International cargo group. The starting plane is the 208 where you can fly designated routes and log your flight time in order to upgrade to the next plane.

I don’t want to join a va, I want some real routes to fly my cargo C208.

I dont think there is any. Sorry

C208 are part of fedex feeder. So good luck finding routes for this aircraft because they are operated by private contractors.

If you look up the registration number on one, flight aware will usually tell you their flight history.

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This is for the fedex c208 in infinite flight

You can do Santa Barbra to Ontario in a FedEx C208 in the SoCal region.

I’m looking into routes right now. In the afternoon tomorrow all of the 208s come out in Southern California so I’ll probably find a route then.

Check out some of these real life routes which are available to be flown in Infinite Flight.

Here ya go

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