FedEx DC-10?

So I was looking around on FlightRadar24 at KIAH, and I discovered that a flight from Forth Worth is a FedEx flight with a DC-10. Now I don’t know if this is a glitch or its real, but I looked at the FedEx fleet and it says they have no DC-10. So what do you think? Is it a Glitch or Real?


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FedEx definately have DC-10s.


It’s most likely MD-10’s. Basically the same as the DC but with the more modern glass cockpit.


Yes,they have MD-10 They changed name


They still have DC-10’s as the fuel prices did drop for a while not too long ago. However, lots of them, including N306FE are planned to be retired this year

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Are you sure those are DC’s and not MD-10’s? I know, the difference is whatever but still :)
Can’t find any source confirming that they have DC-10’s in active service.


In my heart the MD-10 doesn’t exist, it never has and never will exist and the DC-10 still flies

Because technically it does. It still has 3 engines, two on the wing and has no winglets, That’s a DC-10


Yep there’s still FedEx DC10s and MD10s

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I’m pretty sure it’s a MD-10 because I searched up the flight number and looked up on images and saw a MD-10. I might check other links to see if it is a MD-10.

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I took a look at flight aware, using both DC10 and MD10 as aircraft id codes. Aircraft only came up under DC10, meaning both the DC10s and the MD10s use the same aircraft code, DC10. Even if their entire DC10 fleet was upgraded to the MD10 features, it would still appear as the DC10 on any flight tracking software you use.

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I’ll have to trust @anon93248082 for this, since he’s been stationed around more cargo planes than most of us. Although if FedEx has DC-10s in service, they might be converting them to MD-10s.


@Pilotcorn09 Yes. FedEx definitely has DC-10s, but they will be retiring in a few years from now to replace th 767/777s. 😉

I also flew in a DC-10 fullmotion simulator at FedEx!


Am I right on saying that md10’s don’t have the gear in the middle of the plane

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My dad works at fedex and they only use them in the US but yes they do have them still.


MD10 not DC10 everyone aknowledge that you understand this fact

Only the MD-10-10s don’t the MD-10-30 and 40s have the centre gear or the MD11 landing gear layout

some of their DC’s are over 40 years old


Go to Memphis you’ll find md11s and dc10s and 777s and 757s and a300s all the time. I live near there

A DC-10 is an MD-10-30

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